EDF Energy Launch Energy+Heating Control Nov20 Tariff

EDF Energy has launched their Energy+Heating Control Nov20 tariff. Customers can sign up to the energy price plan through Energylinx.

Who is EDF?

EDF Energy is one of the "Big Six" energy suppliers.

EDF Energy is a subsidiary of the French Government-owned energy company EDF (Électricité de France) Group.
EDF was founded in 1946 and became a public company in 2004. Over the years it has bought UK energy companies London Electricity, SWEB, Seeboard and British Energy.

EDF Energy employs 13,331 people and handles 5.7 million customer accounts in the UK.

What is Energy+Heating Control Nov20?

• This energy tariff is for Dual fuel sign ups only
• To sign up to this tariff you have to pay by monthly direct debit and quarterly cash cheque payment methods only
• There is an exit fee of £100 per fuel if you decide to leave before November 2020
• The tariff includes a Heatsmart® and the All-New Amazon Echo Dot as well as a £20 Smart Home Store discount

What is a Heatsmart?

Heatsmart® by EDF Energy is a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat is a device that manages your heating and can be controlled by an electronic device such as your phone, tablet or computer. It will displays how much energy you are using, monitors your use and will also learns your home routine.

Heatsmart® is suitable for most households, but if you decide that you want to sign up to Energy+Heating Control Nov20 check that you have the following requirements:

• A compatible working boiler and central heating system - gas, oil or heat pumps
• Heating controls with a programmer and/or a thermostat
• A wireless broadband router and good Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home
• A smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop with Android or Apple (Windows and Blackberry phones are not compatible)
• If you rent your property, you will require permission from your landlord
• HeatSmart® is available anywhere in mainland UK

To find out more about EDF's Energy+Heating Nov20 and to see how much it would cost your household, visit the Energylinx comparison tool or call one of our energy advisors on 0800 8497077. We need to know your postcode, current energy supplier, energy tariff and usage to provide you with an accurate comparison.