E.ON price decrease: Is it enough?

By energylinx

E.ON Standard Tariff Comparison Table

Last week pressure mounted on the “Big Six” for failing to bring down energy prices, despite the dropping wholesale cost.

This week, in a welcomed move, E.ON became the first supplier to announce a headline grabbing 5.1% gas price cut. This will benefit the 2 million customers on E.ON’s Standard Tariff, but what does this really mean for the suppliers average customer?

Across the board, medium usage customers will save an average of £32 per annum. For Dual Fuel customers on E.ON’s standard tariff, this is actually a 3% price drop from what they are currently paying for their energy.

For an accurate example, if you are a medium user on E.ON’s Standard Tariff and living in London then you will see an overall price decrease of 2.99%. If you are in Liverpool it will be a 2.85% drop. The table below will let you see how it affects you, wherever you are.


Whilst any price decrease is appreciated, if customers currently on E.ON Standard Tariff moved to the supplier’s Fixed 1 Year v19 Tariff, on average they would see a 27% price decrease. Simply by switching the tariff they are on!

A medium user in London would save over £270 a year, in Manchester over £285 and Aberdeen over £300. The table below outlines the difference in price between E.ON’s Standard Tariff and E.ON’s Fixed 1 Year v19 Tariff.

E.ON Standard versus E.ON Fixed 1 Year v19


There is a number of very competitive tariffs on the market right now. Customers on ANY supplier’s standard tariff could save a considerable amount by switching.

A simple comparison will show you how much you could save. Energylinx offer a free and impartial comparison and switching service. Click here to be taken to our energy calculator or if you would prefer, give one of our helpful energy advisers a call on 0800 849 7077.

*Savings are based on OFGEM’s average domestic energy consumer using 3,100 kWhs of electricity and 12,500 kWhs of gas per annum.

Source:: E.ON price decrease: Is it enough?