Non Half Hourly Meters

The majority of smaller sites are supplied on monthly or quarterly tariffs, these are generally referred to as non half hourly sites or NHH for short. This ranges from retail units to offices to warehouses to factory units.

Whether you have a single non half-hourly site or a portfolio of 1,000s we can help you find the best deal when your electricity contract is due for renewal.

We also offer our non half hourly customers a free site audit for all sites.

Most NHH or non half hourly sites have been on the same tariff since the meters were installed, anything up to 20 years ago. During that time a building could have been used as an office, a workshop and warehouse – all with very different usage patterns – without the tariff being changed to reflect the change. Being on the wrong tariff could be costing you 10-15%, even with the best prices.

Suppliers will almost never recommend a change of tariff, and most brokers or consultants ignore this point too, preferring to simply offer more of the same.

At Energy Solutions, we provide our customers will the complete service.

Understanding Profile Classes

Profile classes are used where half-hourly metering is not installed and provides the electricity supplier with an expectation as to how electricity will be consumed throughout the day.

Your profile class will give suppliers an idea of your consumption patterns and your efficiency at using the energy you consume. This in turn is reflected in the standing charge and unit rates that you will be charged. As a general rule, higher usage benefits from a higher profile.

So shops, small offices, etc are fine on an 03 / 04 tariff, whereas larger users are better off on higher numbers, 05 to 08, and the higher the number the better (lower unit costs).

If there has been a significant change is usage, it is worth reviewing your profile.

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