When WiFi is transformed into electricity

What if putting your phone into aeroplane mode cut off the power? An invention of the former British Minister for Science and Innovation, Paul Drayson, the Freevolt device doesn’t turn your telephone into a power switch. But it does turn it into an energy source that can use the smallest amount of electromagnetic radiation, no matter how weak, and turn it into electricity. “Nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything is transformed”: once again, Lavoisier’s law is confirmed.
Freevolt could be an endless supply of power within the connected home
Direct current
GSM, WiFi, 2G, 3G and 4G waves, and even waves from television sets – the Freevolt is made up of a multi-band antenna that scans and captures all emissions from wireless networks. It makes use of all ambient RF (radio frequency) waves from any source in the 0.5–5 GHz range. Once collected, a rectifier transforms them into direct current. Then a supply management module accumulates and distributes electricity.
But you won’t be able to start your electric car or even charge your smartphone using Freevolt. Although the amount of energy produced is too low for these purposes, it could be an endless supply of power within the connected home. Smoke detectors, smart household devices, and even surveillance cameras: recycling energy from wireless waves could be a godsend for ensuring that sensors, with their key role in the Internet of Things and low energy consumption, can operate properly. Drayson Technologies has already created a smartphone application, CleanSpace, which tracks clean air, and is powered just by using Freevolt. Breathtaking.

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