Soltex: fabric that generates green energy

As a result of the energy transition and the drive for more eco-friendly buildings, materials such as glass wool, cotton and hemp are in high demand in the building sector. And for good reason: they are highly insulating, hard-wearing and can even conduct natural light, making them the weapon of choice against energy loss. Now they could also serve an additional purpose – as captors and generators of renewable energy.Project Soltex aims to develop a photovoltaic fabric wire to be incorporated into standard fabric. It would allow for the manufacture of smart building materials such as protective covers for agricultural greenhouses, blinds and even awnings for buildings. By generating power from natural or artificial light, these products would be able to function autonomously and even supply nearby appliances with electricity. The thread could also be built into clothing and car interiors.The ambitious project, coordinated by the French company Sunpartner Technologies, textile manufacturers and the CEA-Liten research institute (Laboratory for Innovation in New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials), will draw on funds of almost 15.5 million euros, with manufacturing set to begin in 2019. Watch this space!To go further
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Source:: Soltex: fabric that generates green energy