Nurturing talent for the future

Sick of automated voices and endless waiting on the phone? Dial Once transforms standard customer service answerphones into free, visually appealing interfaces that are accessible to anyone, including the deaf and hearing-impaired. How do you create a system to share customer insight? Braineet peallows consumers to share their ideas with brands in order to improve the products and services they use every day. These fledgling ventures are two members of a team of six innovative companies EDF has chosen to enter the Microsoft Ventures accelerator (the others are Beekast, Kokoroe, Citumeo and Captainleads).
The two companies joined forces in September 2014 to launch a support programme targetting the energy sector, which should benefit a number of start-ups every year. Over a period of 12 weeks, the fledgling companies follow an intensive programme at the heart of the Silicon Sentier, an organization launched by Microsoft which brings together innovative companies in Paris. “The aim is that at the end of this programme the start-ups will have finalized their business model along with a prototype of their product or service, so that they are likely to attract investment funds,” explains the head of the project. The programme, which relies on expertise from both Microsoft Ventures and EDF, could produce the leaders of the future.
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