“Innovation is an essential tool for fighting global warming.”

How does technology contribute to humans’ comfort and well-being?
Today, digital technology is directly integrated into the home. Soon, everyone will be able to control their homes’ heating, lights, and appliances when away by using their smartphones, helping them to better manage their budgets by adapting their consumption habits.
Is technology a way to make individuals more responsible in terms of energy consumption?
Yes, it allows consumers to be more and more active in managing energy. Connected interfaces in the home will be more instructive and intuitive, just like the “e.quilibre” service we offer, which allows consumers to track energy consumption, even when away from home, and to compare to other households. Each individual can know and understand their energy profile and get a handle on their “equipment”. Technology thus helps us to act more responsibly.
How is EDF positioned in regards to this (r)evolution?
EDF invests more than 500 million euros per year in R&D, particularly in the areas of low-carbon electricity production and energy efficiency. EDF is helping develop the connected home, smart cities, and electric mobility, among other innovations. We encourage innovation every day. For example, we created Electranova Capital, an investment fund dedicated to “clean-tech” start-ups, and we developed an Open Innovation department. We also launched the EDF Pulse Prizes three years ago, which support innovation in Europe and reward start-ups who innovate in the areas of connected homes, low-carbon cities, and e-health.
What are the next steps?
The world continues to question its ability to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, even if important pathways opened up at the COP21 climate conference in December 2015. At EDF, we are convinced that innovation is an essential tool for fighting global warming and being a major player in the transition to green energy. We also offer the 50 solutions from “EDF for the climate” to help customers manage their energy consumption and reduce their CO2 emissions. For example, the SmartFlower is a technological sunflower that follows the movement of the sun. Its photovoltaic petals produce the equivalent of the yearly electricity consumption for a family of four (excluding hot water and heating).

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Source:: “Innovation is an essential tool for fighting global warming.”