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Stay on top of your energy usage this autumn with a smart meter. Not only will you keep on top of your energy bills, you'll be doing your bit for a Net Zero Britain. Get your's today http://ow.ly/EFGH50BZaD4
#AchieveNetZero #NetZeroBritain

Sizewell B left a legacy of skills and engineering expertise in Suffolk that still exists today🏗️ #SizewellC is ready to continue that legacy, offering young people the opportunity to fast track their future ⏩ More from Colin 🎥⬇️

Did you know that we generate most of our wind energy during winter? 🌬️ We've designed two emojis depicting a wind turbine and we want to know which is your favourite. Take a look at the comment below and cast your vote in this week's emoji poll. #RenewableEnergy #NetZeroBritain

Vote now for your chance to win a £100 Amazon #GiftCard!
5 great finalists, 5 low carbon innovation ideas to help Britain #AchieveNetZero. Vote now and watch this space!
#innovationchallenge #EDF

Join over 850,000 customers who manage their energy on the go with our App.
✔️Make Payments
✔️Send meter readings
✔️View and download your bill
✔️Zero hassle!
Discover more about our App: http://ow.ly/xF2e50BXDz9
#AchieveNetZero #NetZeroBritain #EDF #App

No wind? No sun? No problem! 🔋 Batteries store renewable energy to help keep the lights on. That's why we're working with Pivot Power to build some of Britain's biggest batteries. Find out more about renewable energy: http://ow.ly/57mb50BWcgH
#AchieveNetZero #NetZeroBritain

The benefits that the #Hinkley Point C project brings to people and businesses across Britain are set to continue throughout its construction.

Explore Hinkley Point C's Welsh connection: http://ow.ly/uNrA50BW1m0

📣 Exciting news 📣 We'll be creating a #DiversityinEnergy Speakers Directory to highlight our sector's diverse talent & increase representation in the media and at events 📺🎤📅

Sign up today and help us spread the word 📢 http://bit.ly/2GmaQzg

This week on #EnergyUnplugged, @JFedd1 speaks with Simone Rossi, CEO of @edfenergy, Britain’s biggest generator of #zerocarbon electricity.

Listen here: https://bit.ly/2SZpAXM

☀️ We're planning to develop a 49.9 MW solar farm at Tye Lane in Suffolk, which could generate enough zero-carbon electricity for nearly 10,000 homes. Read more at http://ow.ly/gqQj50BW1Re
#EDFRenewables #solar #NetZeroBritain

We need an 'and' world in Britain - and onshore wind, and energy efficiency, and solar, and heat pumps, and nuclear...

@edfenergy stands ready to #BuildBackGreener with Britain - Paul Spence at #EUKConf20

Did you know electric cars can travel in low emission zones? Drive freely with an electric car- we've got everything you need to get you on the road towards a Net Zero future, from leasing to tariffs. http://ow.ly/Er7J50BRGGI
#AchieveNetZero #NetZeroBritain

People and business from across Britain are playing their part in the construction of Hinkley Point C 👷‍♀️ 🏗️ 👷‍♂️

Here's a closer look at Wales ⬇️

Philippe Commaret, the Managing Director of #Customers at @edfenergy, is delivering a keynote presentation on #business #strategies, and joining the leaders' forum discussion on Day 1 of #FoUSummit Online.

Get your free ticket here - https://bit.ly/33vNeRU
#utilities #FoUOnline

We've designed two #carbonfootprint emojis and we need your help to decide which one to submit to Unicode for consideration in the emoji keyboard. Take a look at the comment below and cast your vote! 👀✅ #AchieveNetZero #NetZeroBritain

How is EDF planning to help Britain achieve #NetZero? With the right policies in place, we aim to enable investment in #lowcarbon technologies in the UK worth over £50 billion-pounds.
Watch the journey unfold in this new video 🍃

Source: https://www.edfenergy.com/about/green-recovery

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