An eco-friendly water heater … thanks to CO2

You can be a brilliant thermodynamics researcher and still have a sense of humour. When asked to describe the new water heater developed by his R&D team, EDF Project Manager Mihai Radulescu simply said: “We haven’t invented hot water, but we are producing it, with air, CO2 and electrons.” It’s a succinct, precise summary of this new technology, which could revolutionize domestic hot water production. This innovation is a type of heat pump designed to produce hot water at a temperature of 65°. To guarantee results that are both eco-friendly and economical, the teams chose a natural refrigerant – CO2 – instead of the traditional, more contaminating fluids. And using CO2 has another beneficial effect on these heaters: it enables them to perform three times better than traditional electric water heaters.This model, a central feature of the smart homes of tomorrow, is called Aqua CO2. It was born of a collaboration between EDF’s teams and Japanese company Sanden, which specializes in CO2 technology. Their “baby”, which consumes less energy than standard heaters, was tested over a year to confirm its superior energy performance. Built in France and already on sale to the public, this revolutionary water heater is gaining new fans every month. It’s an innovation that could eventually become a must in any eco-friendly house.To go further
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Source:: An eco-friendly water heater … thanks to CO2