A full tank of electricity 2/2

Next-generation charging
One of the headaches of the electric revolution is how and where to charge your vehicle. In France, the lack of charging points – there are only around 4,000 – is one of the serious obstacles preventing electric vehicles from really taking off. But there’s a solution to everything. First there’s E-street, a small charging point that is easily incorporated into the urban landscape and five times cheaper than current structures. The Clean Charge network is aimed at all kinds of electric vehicles and is multi-modal, so drivers can park when they reach the district they are going to and then complete their journey by bike, for example. This relieves congestion and drastically reduces the driver’s carbon footprint. easyGO PLUG stations, which offer e-bikes for hire, also aim to make assisted cycling available to everyone.
And how about bringing your charging capacity along with you? EP Tender and MobileBattery are projects that allow you to do just that using trailers. They extend electric cars’ ranges and could enable them to break free from the confines of their urban network and make a few long urban journeys in the big wide world.
Apps that make savvy passengers
Could endless driving round the neighbourhood in circles in search of that last elusive parking space soon be a thing of the past? Your phone could be your best ally for parking. The collaborative platform Parkadom is already putting owners of parking spaces in touch with drivers and informing them when spaces are free in real time via an app. Not only does it save time, it’s also eco-friendly. The same applies to Park Smart, an app that guides drivers to free places identified through the CCTV camera network. Another app, Yespark, lets users subscribe to a car park of their choice and then use their smartphone as a remote control to access it. It’s even simpler than a phone call.
Finally, we could also see the end of the feverish hunt for a charging point when your car’s battery is low. Plugsurfing geolocalizes public charging stations on your phone. And an app called iEV provides drivers with a different kind of guidance, helping them negotiate the electric car market, not traffic. The multi-service online platform aims to overcome the lack of transparency and the obscurity of available information, providing drivers with advice not only based on their needs but also their driving style – a valuable resource.
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