4 objects to take to bed

With one in three French people not getting enough sleep (according to a study by the Institut National du Sommeil et de la Vigilance, the French national institute for sleep and sleep disorders), innovation is our lullaby, making sure we have sweet dreams.
Bedjet, the blower that regulates the temperature of your bed

Bedjet version 2 guarantees your sheets will be the perfect temperature all night long. This blower is placed under the bed and linked to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The accompanying app learns each sleeper’s nocturnal habits and anticipates temperature variations based on their sleep cycles. When you cool down, Bedjet blows warm air. And when you warm up, it turns into an air conditioning device to ensure a constant temperature. And there’s a little extra – Bedjet reduces conflict between partners by creating two distinct zones in the bed, where both sleepers can choose their own temperature. Bedjet version 1 costs around €500. Version 2 is being crowdfunded on kickstarter.
Waké, a highly personalised alarm clock

To prevent feelings of grumpiness when the other person gets up, Waké only wakes one of the bed’s occupants. Configured from a smartphone, this smart alarm clock is attached to the ceiling and automatically turns to face the one who’s more of a morning person. Its LEDs, which mimic dawn, can target the face of just one of the sleepers, sparing the other. Audible alarms can also be managed as needed.
Good Night, a lightbulb that sends you off to sleep

Light can help people to relax, and the Good Night lamp promises quality sleep in 30 minutes. Marketed by Lighting Science, it is inspired by NASA techniques. To send its astronauts off to sleep, the American agency developed a lightbulb that promoted the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. The LED is fitted with a filter that provides warm light, excluding blue light from the spectrum, which blocks the secretion of the essential melatonin. Sold for €63, it has a 20-year lifespan. Long enough for quite a few good nights’ sleep.

Dreem hopes to make us more intelligent while we sleep. In partnership with Paris’s Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Épinière (Brain and Spine Institute), the company has developed a headband to be worn at night. Connected to a smartphone via WiFi, it measures the brain’s electrical activity and stimulates it with sound effects to develop the brain’s cognitive abilities. As well as turning all sleepers into Nobel prize winners, initial tests show that the innovative device improves sleep quality and length. This project is part of the 100 projects chosen at the EDF Pulse Awards 2015.
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