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Until 20th November, you can get a mouth-watering 15% off all delicious chocolates from our partner @divinechocolate with our special code. Simply use ECOTR15 when you check out of their online store. 😋💚

In episode 7 of Zerocarbonista, @DaleVince talks about how we recently supported @GreenpeaceUK as they dropped a 1.5 tonne rock outside Defra HQ in a fishing protest. 💚
Read more from @guardiannews here:
Listen to the podcast here:

You may be on a green energy tariff – but is the energy you’re getting really green? Greenwashing, claiming something is greener than it really is, is a big problem in the energy market. Learn how to spot greenwashed energy. 💚

Eat better chocolate with our partner of the month, @divinechocolate. When you choose Divine, you aren’t just choosing mouth-wateringly good chocolate, you're choosing to make a difference around the world. 🍫 💚 More about Divine here 👉

Our friends @EC_magazine are running a week of workshops, panels and online tours during Ethical Consumer Week, 24 - 30 Oct. Explore the underlying issues, a radically reimagined future and the actions that we can all take. 💚 Find out more 👉

Our founder @DaleVince spoke at @WIRED Conference on Thursday, sharing his vision for a Green Britain. Energy, transport and food make up 80% of our personal carbon emissions. We need to use our power as consumers to spend our money in the right places. 💚


We’re probably biased, but we have the BEST customers! We asked Damian and Adam what they loved about Ecotricity and they said ‘We love Ecotricity because it stands so strongly, and has done for so long, for protecting the environment and trying to save our fragile planet.’ 💚

Feast your eyes on 'The Promise' @SeedThePromise, a beautiful short film about the power nature has to inspire hope in us all. Take a look, share and sign up for resources to help spread the word in schools and your community! 🌳🌿🍂

Earlier today our Founder @DaleVince spoke at @WiredInsiderUK sharing his vision for a Green Britain. It's all about Energy, Transport and Food - the power is in our hands! By spending our money with ethical organisations, we can make a real impact 💚🌍 #WIREDSmarter #WIREDEvents

Our founder @DaleVince placed a bet that half of Britain would be vegan by 2030 in aid of our partners @TheVeganSociety's latest campaign #FutureNormal. What do you think? Will you be switching dairy for oat milk anytime soon? 💚🌿 Find out more here -

We're so proud to work in partnership with RSPB @Natures_Voice, the largest conservation charity in Britain. Watch the film and find out about our visit to the Fairburn Ings nature reserve; a safe haven for wildlife provided by money from our Ecotalk customers' bills! 💚

We need YOU! Join our #GreenFightback and make Britain greener, just by switching your energy to us. We use our customers' bill money to build new sources of renewable energy, and the more people who join us, the more we can do! 💚

Green Britain needs you! Our mission has always been to change the way electricity is made and used, to create a brighter, greener Britain.

That’s why we need you to join the Green Fightback, spread the word and recruit your friends.

We are so proud to be partnered with @forestryengland and look forward to a long, flourishing future. If you’ve been inspired by our conversation tonight, head to to donate up to £50 every year! Make a difference with your energy bills. #Ecohour

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