News story: Statutory security of supply report

By HM Government

The Department for Energy and Climate Change has today published the annual Statutory Security of Supply Report (SSSR) that looks at the UK’s energy security for this winter and up-coming winters. National Grid has also published their winter outlook report.

National Grid said Britain will have enough energy to keep the country running in a cold winter. National Grid says the outlook remains manageable and well within the reliability standard set by government. Ofgem’s Rachel Fletcher said “there is no increased risk of blackouts this winter”.

Business and Energy Minister Matthew Hancock said:

“We have taken action to make sure our energy needs will be met this winter.

“We have given National Grid new tools they need to meet energy demand this winter and our working through a long term plan to turn around a legacy of underinvestment in our energy sector. This government has made sure homes and businesses across the country will be energy secure.

“But there’s more to do to complete our infrastructure plan and further strengthen our energy security. This is part of a broader of our broader strategy to support domestic supplies of electricity like renewables, shale gas and nuclear.”

Source:: News story: Statutory security of supply report