News story: National Grid winter outlook report

By HM Government

National Grid have published their winter outlook report, setting out how the arrangements put in place by the Government ensured sufficient energy supplies during the winter of 2014/15. In addition, they have published a consultation for the coming winter 2015/16, to gather market intelligence.

National Grid also released their annual Future Energy Scenarios report today, examining the long-term challenges for the UK’s energy security.

The winter outlook report shows that the plan put in place by government, National Grid and Ofgem last winter ensured the UK’s energy market was resilient and able to meet demand.

The 2014/15 report sets out that demand peaked at 53.2GW last winter (less than Britain’s 77.6GW total generating capacity). A mild and windy winter, coupled with imports via interconnectors when necessary meant that National Grid did not need use the additional balancing services they procured last year.

Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom said:

“Our priority is to ensure that British families and business have access to secure affordable energy supplies that they can rely on.

“Our plan to power the economy is working – and it means that the lights will stay on this winter as well as making sure our homes and businesses have the gas and electricity they need in the future.”

Source:: News story: National Grid winter outlook report