News story: Capacity Market – location of provisional results

By HM Government

We have agreed with the delivery body that DECC will publish provisional auction results at 7a.m on the working day after the auction clears, and before final auction results are published. To note, the provisional results will only be made available to DECC if the auction monitor sanctions their release.

The report will present the provisional results including the auction clearing price, and details of the CMUs to which capacity agreements will be awarded, as well as further detail on the way in which the auction cleared, how the clearing price was reached and what makes up the capacity that has been procured.

The provisional results will be published on this page and we will issue a stakeholder bulletin to alert stakeholders when the provisional results are available.

These will not be final results as the Secretary of State will commence his review of the auction and will take into consideration the full findings of the Auction Monitor. If the Secretary of State is satisfied that there are no grounds for annulling the auction, in accordance with regulation 27 of the Capacity Market Regulations 2014, the Delivery Body will publish the final auction results on the delivery body website. Regulation 27 requires the Secretary of State to form a view within 7 working days about whether the auction should be annulled. We have decided that the Secretary of State will take all of this permitted time and for the avoidance of doubt the review will not be concluded any earlier than the allotted time. The Delivery Body will publish final results 8 working days after the auction clears.

Publication of T-4 Capacity Market Auction 2014 timetable:

If auction closes on Publication of provisional results Publication of final results
16 Dec 17 Dec 30 Dec
17 Dec 18 Dec 31 Dec
18 Dec 19 Dec 2 Jan
19 Dec 22 Dec 5 Jan

Source:: News story: Capacity Market – location of provisional results