Consultation: Smart Metering Rollout Strategy

By HM Government

The government’s main priority for the Smart Metering implementation programme is for suppliers to commence a rollout of SMETS2 meters following DCC Live. DCC Live is scheduled for 2016 and will open the gateway for a significant majority of the benefits of smart metering. These are expected to be delivered through the installation, enrolment and operation of SMETS2 meters operated through the DCC and it is important to ensure that the benefits that SMETS2 meters offer are realised as soon as possible.

The purpose of this strategy is to set out the government’s positions and regulatory proposals to help inform and support a number of decisions that industry will need to take between DCC Live and the completion of the rollout. This document seeks views on a number of proposals to drive SMETS 2 deployment, maximise benefits realisation and improve the consumer experience. The key proposals contained within the strategy include:

  • Introducing a de-minimis SMETS2 installation and enrolment obligation on large suppliers and mandating suppliers and network operators to become DCC Users;
  • Switching on the New and Replacement Obligation in mid-2018 to ensure all new and replacement meters are smart;
  • Setting a SMETS1 end date 12 months after DCC Live and seeking views on a ‘cap’;
  • ‘Install and leave provisions’ to ensure an efficient rollout and optimise the consumer installation experience;
  • In addition, the strategy also announces the commencement of the Initial Enrolment Project for SMETS1 meters

Source:: Consultation: Smart Metering Rollout Strategy