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Electric Vehicles are on the rise, recent data revealed that they are now on average £107 cheaper a year to own than petrol cars! We have recently partnered with Elmtronics, to provide EV charge points. To discuss your options:

We know businessses are busy right now, and managing energy supply may not be top of your list of things to think about. But for time and ease, you can make payments, submit meter readings and more via our website...

Gas prices posted strong losses yesterday following drops seen in carbon and brent oil - while warmer weather forecasts for the end of October and into November also weighed on the front of the curve.

In order to help facilitate schemes that will help the UK reach Net Zero, the Government is introducing a Green Gas Levy tax. The full details of how this will work are yet to be disclosed however, but it is expected to be launched Autumn 2021. For more:

Gas prices continued to rise on Friday, though less significantly than earlier days of last week - Asian LNG prices reached a 20 month high, as expectations persist of a cold winter in the far east.

At CNG, we believe that no child should go hungry. If you are a CNG customer and your business is helping support children that need feeding through the half-term holiday, then let us know and we will discount your gas bill. #freeschoolmeals #community @MarcusRashford

Gas prices rebounded yesterday, with bullishness returning once again across all commodity markets.

Covid-19 and the restrictions put in place to help control the spread halted Smart Meter installations, however they now look to be getting back on track, with September seeing first year-on-year increase since lockdown started. For info on Smart Meters:


Jacqui Hall is a non-executive director for CNG, a commercial based energy supplier in Harrogate. Jacqui is also a non-exec here at Connect Yorkshire. Read more here..

UK gas prices fell yesterday, ending the latest rally, with oil prices continuing to stagnate and milder temperatures on the prompt - while a strengthening of the pound also helped prices fall, making imported gas supply cheaper.

The Local Restrictions Support Grant supports businesses that were open as usual and who pay rates on their premises, but are now required to close for at least 3 weeks due to local lockdown restrictions imposed by government. To check eligibility:

Gas prices were mixed yesterday, with milder weather and strong wind power production loosening the front of the curve, but the tightening global LNG outlook continues to support prices further out on the curve.

Almost 22,000 pure electric vehicles were registered in the UK in September, hitting another record high. We have partnered with @Elmtronics to offer a range of EV charge points to help you find the best solution for your business. For more info:

Energy supply is essential for most businesses, yet some suppliers have refused to supply deemed ‘high-risk’ sectors. Throughout the pandemic, CNG has remained open and continued to work hard to support customers through this challenging period:

Gas price gains continued yesterday, with coal and carbon trading bullish alongside recent upward momentum seen in global LNG prices.

As the UK sees regions head into local lockdowns, many SMEs are facing increased pressure, but having a good energy broker can help business owners with gaining tighter control over operational costs. Find out how to be sure you're choosing the right one:

Gas prices continued to rise on Friday, with global LNG prices gaining week-on-week as Europe and Asia continue to see a colder than normal start to the winter.

Gas prices rose yesterday, with forecasts for next week adjusting downward slightly, while an uptick in oil supported prices further out.

It’s lovely to receive feedback like this from customers, particularly when it’s a tough time for many at the moment. Moments of positivity matter and we are proud of the team at CNG for making customer experiences like this happen.

How renewable is your renewable energy? If you have switched or are considering switching to renewable energy. Make sure your good intentions are not misled. Read how:

Gas prices fell a little more yesterday, with weakness in oil continuing with the IEA anticipating a 5% decline in global energy demand for 2020, which might not fully recover until 2023 or even as late as 2025.

Gas prices fell through Friday, with halted oil and gas production expected back online following the latest US storm, while strike action at Equinor also came to an end.

Now is the perfect time for your business to invest in an EV fleet! A new study has found that that common mid-size electric cars could be £131 a month cheaper to maintain than those with a combustion engine!

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Gas prices recovered yesterday, with oil prices rebounding from Friday as the US presidents swift return to office supported a recovery across the energy complex.

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