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Prices fell quite strongly yesterday weighed heavily by the persistent bearishness at the front end of the curve, which has only been enhanced by warmer temperatures, high winds, and strong storage stocks. (1/2)

We are so proud of how CNG responded and adapted to the Covid-19 crisis that we believed it was important to capture this process in a case study and share our learnings, you can read and download here:

During a difficult time for businesses, it may feel like you're completely alone. We wanted to remind you that you're not. There are different networks you can become a member of that offer businesses help and advice. More info: #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

At CNG, although we may be apart – we have been doing all we can to make sure our people feel supported and connected more than ever during these difficult times. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Another day of limited movement in gas prices yesterday - again, though, some bearish movement on near curve prices, driven by warm weather forecasts and an uptick in Norwegian imports, were offset by marginal increases further out.

Prices yesterday saw some minor losses after a recent soft rally. Oil prices came off a little following some signs of recovery last week, while in gas a bearish outlook remains dominant.

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A fairly quiet day of trading on Monday kept most gas prices at around the same level as they ended last week.

The Energy Connections team are working closely with our partners to now start planning in some non-essential works, providing its deemed safe and social distancing rules can be applied. For any queries about connections and metering, please contact

Movements were a mixed bag on Friday – there were losses for most prices for the rest of 2020, with weak demand and strong storage stocks continuing to weigh heavily. (1/2)

The chancellor has announced a micro loan scheme for smaller businesses. Businesses can apply for new Bounce Back loans up to a maximum of £50,000 or 25% of turnover, with the government paying the interest for the first 12 months. For more info

Prices increased yesterday, mirroring upward movement in other fuels, namely oil and carbon. (1/2)

Over the past two days, prices have turned bearish again following a soft rally over days prior. (1/3)

The Foreign Minister recently highlighted the growing number of criminals looking to exploit the current crisis through online scams. We put together some considerations to help support your employees and protect your business against these cyber attacks.

CNG customers: for help and support if you have had to close your business or for information on Government funding and support networks, head to our website:

We have been doing all we can to make sure our customers and partners feel supported during these uncertain times, so we are so proud when we receive feedback like this! #PowerThroughAdversity

Coronavirus #FurloughScheme to be extended until the end of October, with measures being put in place to ensure the cost is shared more with employers. Find out more information on funding available to businesses:

Prices continued their modest rally on last day of trading, Thursday, with relaxation of some measures on the horizon – suggesting we are beyond the worst of the impact on demand, and should see a gradual reduction in excess supplies through summer. (1/3)

The Government announced a 3 stage plan to ease restrictions put in place as a result of #COVID19 last night. With those who can work from home told to continue to do so, but those who can’t, for instance construction or manufacturing, encouraged to return. (1/3)

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