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The market was very choppy yesterday, rallying in early trading before selling off, and then repeating the whole process later in the afternoon. #energytrading

Another volatile day yesterday. Both gas and electricity started the day strong with gas rallying 6% early in the session, only to drift lower over the course of the session before picking up speed later in the day. #energyprices

.@JoeBiden has signed as executive order to reinstate the #US to the Paris climate change agreement just hours after being sworn in as President.
#ParisAgreement #ParisClimateAgreement #climatechange #ClimateAction #GlobalWarming #KeystoneXL

Yesterday was a reversal of Monday's price action, with both gas and electricity rallying all across the forward curve and the rest of the energy complex posting gains on the day. #energymarkets

Gas and electricity were once again softer yesterday, with warmer forecasts and higher wind output being the main drivers of this fall in demand. #energymarkets

In this week's #energymarket update - "The energy complex dropped lower over the course of last week on the face of it, but this fails to explain the rollercoaster of price action and volatility truly seen."

Last week can only be described as spectacular in terms of pricing, with markets finishing the week not a million miles away from where they started on Monday - but what a journey in between! See where the #energy markets are today...

The open was strong with gas and electricity initially trading higher, only to pull right back down as trading continued. Nerves around sustained colder weather remain, but seasonal norms are forecast to return next week.

The market volatility continued yesterday, with the front-month gas contract posting its biggest fall in one day since 2005. #energymarkets #energytrading

What a day yesterday! Gas once again took the lead as nerves around extreme weather continued to be the main driver of prices. #energymarkets #gasprices

The rally continues, with colder weather, lower wind output, and fears of another “Beast from the East” driving demand. #energytrading #energymarkets

Your #energy update - Markets have opened higher once again, as cold weather, both here and in continental Europe has left traders worried about falling storage levels and the possibility of another #BeastfromtheEast.

From the #energy markets today - Markets continued to remain bullish yesterday, with freezing temperatures, higher domestic demand, and low wind generation fuelling the rally.

From the #energy market today - The markets remain nervous despite forecasts of an increase in temperatures early next week.

From the #energy markets today - "Wind output is making up c. 15% of the generation stack while gas contributes c. 49%."

Your #energy update - "March 21 Brent is down slightly by $0.10/barrel this morning with prices remaining lacklustre as we track movements in US equities. However, OPEC have signalled an extension of current oil production cuts into February which may cushion any fall in price.

See this weeks #energy market update - "Last week saw positive performance across the energy complex."

From the #energy markets today - "Bullish sentiment across the energy complex with gas, carbon and oil trading higher."

From the #energy markets today - "Wind output is making up c. 21% of the generation stack while gas contributes c. 33%." #windenergy

Your daily #energy update - "Feb 21 Brent continues to decline, slipping $0.80/barrel this morning as market participants fear the new strain of COVID-19 discovered in the UK could spread to other countries and dent oil demand." #newcovidstrain #oildemand

Your daily #energy market update - "Feb 21 Brent has declined sharply by $1.71/barrel this morning as China's top refiner sees oil product demand peaking by 2025 coupled with a spike in coronavirus cases."

From the #energy markets today - "Bearish sentiment across the energy complex with gas, carbon and oil trading lower"

Your daily #energy update - "Feb 21 Brent has gained $0.65/barrel this morning as the dollar index plunged to its lowest level against a basket of currencies..."

Your daily #energy market update - "Jan 21 NBP is down 0.35p/therm as wind outturn is expected to jump to over 10GW today..."

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