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Happy #workanniversary to our wonderful Analyst, Lulu Duns! Lulu came on board with us last year after completing a MSc in Sustainable Chemical Engineering and she has been an asset to the the Executions & Solutions team ever since! Lulu, thank you so much for everything you do!

Your #Energy market update - "Dec 20 Brent has declined $1.17/barrel as #US senators have now departed the Capitol for a pre-election break. It is now therefore near impossible that any #stimulus bill will be reached prior to the
#USElection next week..."

Your daily #energy market update - "Dec 20 EUAs shed €0.14/tonne, with prices falling below €24/tonne as uncertainty surrounding #Brexit and #coronavirus developments has spooked market participants"

From the #energy markets today - "Nov 20 NBP is down 0.62p/therm from settlement. Expectations for higher #wind outturn this week coupled with temperatures remaining above average over the weekend have pressured front month prices"

Your daily #energy update - "Dec 20 #Brent is #trading flat. #Putin has indicated #Russia could extend #supplycuts, though other #OPEC members have signalled they will not be, prompting mixed signals across #oilprices"

Happy two year #workanniversary to Matthew Harris! Matt moved to the UK from New Zealand and quickly moved up to a TPI Account Manager. He is now an integral part of our credit team assisting all sales departments in credit analysis. Thank you for all your hard work Matt!👍

Your daily #energy update - "#windgeneration and temperatures are expected to be above average for the week ahead which may pressure front month NBP. Wind output is making 30.86% of the stack while #gas contributes 33.8%"

From the #energy markets - "Dec 20 Brent has shed $0.62/barrel amid uncertainty around supply cut extensions by #OPEC members following an inconclusive meeting. #USElection2020 risks are also seeing more of a weighting towards safe haven assets versus riskier assets such as #Oil

In today's #energy update - "Dec 20 Brent is down $0.19/barrel following a meeting with #OPEC members which ended with no firm decision on output cuts, signalling a potential lack of urgency amongst OPEC members"

From the #energy #markets today - "Mixed sentiment across the energy complex with Dec 20 EUA's remaining below the key €25/tonne support level" #trading #Commodities #renewableenergy

From the #energy #markets today - "#EUA prices broke through the key €25/tonne level in early trading and traders will be eyeing the level to see if it can stick" #trading #Commodities #renewableenergy

From the #energy markets today - "#windgeneration is expected to drop today, with forecasts pointing towards an average of 3.8GW. Wind output is making 30% of the stack while #gas contributes 33%"

Your daily #energy update - "Dec 20 Brent is up $0.12/barrel from settlement however with #OPEC+ planning to ease #oil production cuts in early 2021, further upside may be capped"

From the #energy markets today - “Front month gas prices are likely to remain under pressure as average expected wind outturn is expected to double today”

From the #energy markets today - “Nov 20 NBP down 0.68p/therm following a halt in #Norwegian #gas field strikes. Pricing support could arise from expected colder than #seasonal norm temperatures and lower #windgeneration forecasts this week”

Your daily #energy update - "Talks regarding the #Norwegian strikes are taking place today to discuss a deal. If the strikes continue, slightly under the equivalent of 1 million bpd of #oil are likely to go offline"

Today's #energy market update - "Dec 20 Brent up £0.50/barrel from settlement as #HurricaneDelta approaches and #oilrigs are evacuated cutting nearly 1.5 million bpd of #Oil produced each day"

From the #energy markets today - "Dec 20 EUAs up €0.82/tonne from settlement after the #EuropeanParliament backs a 60% 2030 #climatetarget, exceeding the 55% target recommended earlier last month by the Commission"

Today’s #energy market update - “Dec 20 EUAs down €0.18/tonne from settlement, having failed to breakthrough and hold €27/tonne in early #trading”

In this weeks #energymarket update - "Last week saw sellers dominate #gasmarkets, also sweeping into #power contracts, supported by an aggressive pick up in #covid19cases in the UK which has increased week on week, prompting #lockdown worries"

Your #energy market update - "Nov 20 NBP up 0.95p/therm from settlement prompt support coming from low #renewable generation increasing #gas for #power demand and decreased Norwegian flows due to planned maintenance"

Your #energy market update today - "Increased #renewable generation this morning with #wind and #solar output making up c. 28% of the stack together while #gas contributes c. 40%. Stronger wind is forecast today and over the weekend which could pressure prompt NBP"

We're pretty pleased to announce that from today, we have switched our electricity supply to one generated from natural resources. This sits perfectly with our commitment to the adoption of #Sustainability principles across all company processes. @BrookGrnSupply #BusinessGreen

Happy #workanniversary to our Gas Operations Lead, Laura Robinson! Two years ago, Laura joined our support team and due to her drive and fantastic customer service, she recently moved into the billing and settlements department! Thanks Laura for being an instrumental part of BGS!

From the #energy markets - "Early weakness across the energy complex this morning with #gas, #carbon and #oil trading lower"

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