The Weighing and Measuring Equipment and Meters (Amendment of Secondary Legislation) (EU Exit) Regulations 2018

Whilst negotiations are ongoing to develop a future relationship with the EU that allows the freest and most frictionless trade in goods possible, the Department must take a responsible approach in preparing for all scenarios, including the unlikely outcome that we leave the EU without any deal in March 2019. These regulations are being made as a contingency measure to ensure that the UK has a functioning statute book that will ensure certainty irrespective of the outcome of the negotiations. This instrument amends 14 national weights and measures and meter regulations (those amended by paragraphs 1 to 14 of the Schedule) to correct deficiencies which would arise on EU Exit. It amends references and definitions contained with those regulations which need to be updated so they can continue to function appropriately on EU Exit. For example, this includes adaptations to reflect the fact that the UK will no longer be an ‘EEA State’ or a ‘Member State’. These are minor reference changes and will ensure that these regulations will continue to function as they did before EU Exit day.