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Research and analysis: RHI evaluation interim report: applicant reaction to reform announcements

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) provides financial incentives to install renewable heating in place of fossil fuels.

In December 2016 reforms to the RHI were announced which focus the scheme on long-term decarbonisation, promote technologies with a credible role to play in that transition, and offer better value for money. BEIS commissioned independent evaluation research to understand and assess the impact of the package of reforms on the achievement of scheme objectives.

This report provides evidence into applicant reactions to the government’s announcement of the package of RHI reforms, and the subsequent delays to the implementation of these reforms. ‘Interim applicants’ are defined as those who applied after the reforms were announced but before they came into force. The research was undertaken by CAG Consultants, in partnership with Winning Moves, Hatch Regeneris, EREDA Consultants and UCL.

The findings published in this report are part of a wider evaluation of the RHI being carried out by BEIS and its contractors. Future reports are expected to provide evidence assessing whether the reforms delivered against their objectives.

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