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Research and analysis: Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2019

Please note that to correct an error the conversion factors for managed refrigerated HGVs were updated in November 2019. This affects the ‘Managed assets- vehicles’ factors.

We provide 3 sets of conversion factors:

Condensed set

Most frequently requested. An abridged version of the full set: the reduced volume of information makes it easier to find the factors you need. Recommended for most, and new, users of conversion factors.

Full set

All available factors for the selected year: recommended for advanced users only due to the volume of information.

Flat file set

Same information as the full set, but arranged for automated processes. Available from 2014 onwards. Not recommended for most users.

The methodology paper explains how the conversion factors are derived. The major changes document summarises the emission factors that have seen the largest changes in the 2019 factors compared to the 2018 factors.

For new users of the conversion factors, we recommend you download the condensed set of conversion factors from the latest available year and read the guidance in the document’s introductory sheet. Then follow the informative text at the top of each conversion factor tab in the output files.

For repeat users of the conversion factors we suggest that you download your preferred factor set and read the ‘what’s new’ sheet before using the conversion factors. This highlights the most significant changes to the conversion factors made in this update. Following the ‘what’s new’ guidance ensures that reporting is consistent and comparable year-on-year.

Defra’s Environmental reporting guidelines provides more detail.

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