Open consultation: The quality and effectiveness of audit: call for views

This call for views, launched by the Sir Donald Brydon Independent Review, invites views, information and evidence on, in particular:

  • the purpose of audit and for whom it should be carried out
  • whether its scope and purpose should be widened and strengthened to meet changing expectations of audit
  • how the quality of the audit process and product could be improved
  • whether audit findings could be better communicated
  • the role of audit within wider business assurance and in relation to directors’ legal responsibilities
  • the role of audit in detecting fraud
  • auditor liability

The call for views is aimed at anyone with a direct or indirect interest in the audit product in the UK, including:

  • shareholders and their representatives
  • other providers of finance to companies
  • audit firms
  • professional advisory bodies
  • business groups
  • academia and think tanks
  • employees and employee representatives
  • pension funds and their members
  • members of the public.