Official Statistics: UK participation in horizon 2020: September 2018


Horizon 2020 is the current EU framework programme for research and innovation and runs from 2014 to 2020. Its predecessor was framework programme 7 which ran from 2007 to 2013. Through this programme, organisations across Europe and wider (including businesses and universities), are able to work together to apply for funding for research activities.

This release shows the number of times UK organisations participated in this programme, as well as the agreed financial contributions from the European Commission to UK organisations as a result of these participations. It contains UK totals, breakdowns by organisation type, funding pillar and regions of the UK, as well as listing the top UK participating organisations. This is based on data extracted from the Commission’s database on 28 September 2018.

Please note: the most recent data released the European Commission (September) includes a small number of historical grant agreements that were missing from previous releases. Therefore, the figures in this publication are not directly comparable to our previous publications.

Future publications

Having considered user feedback and the availability of more up-to-date data via the European Commission, we will reduce the publication frequency of the BEIS UK Participations in Horizon 2020 official statistics to twice a year.

Data on UK participation in Horizon 2020 can be found via the European Commission Horizon 2020 Dashboard on the Commission website. The dashboard allows users to explore interactive data on Horizon 2020 proposals, success rates, funded projects and participants. In light of the increased access to Horizon 2020 data provided by the European Commission, we will continue to review the demand for releasing this publication. We have produced a guide to accessing these statistics through the dashboard. It is available below our latest publication. For any questions about the guide please contact

Access the Horizon dashboard on the EC Research & Innovation Participant portal.

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