Guidance: PSC requirements for companies and limited liability partnerships

Updated: Links to PSC forms added.

These requirements introduce new legal duties and those failing to comply could be committing a criminal offence and could be fined and/or imprisoned.

These guides have been prepared by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy with the help of business, civil society and legal experts.

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Guidance to the PSC requirements

General guidance explaining what you must do to comply with the PSC requirements.

Summary Guidance

This guidance provides a broad overview on the PSC requirements for companies. If you have a simple company ownership and control structure, you may not need to read additional guidance.

Guidance for companies

This guidance provides a detailed explanation of the PSC requirements for companies. This should provide all the information that most companies need to complete their PSC registers. Very complicated or large ownership or control structures may need to seek independent advice.

Guidance for PSCs

This guidance provides a detailed explanation of the PSC requirements for individuals who may be PSCs. This provides all the information that PSCs need to know in order to comply with the new requirements.

The Department welcomes comments on how these guides might be improved, please see the contact page in each of the documents.

Statutory guidance on the meaning of significant influence or control

This is a specific guide to the meaning of one term in the PSC legislation – ‘significant influence or control’ is included in the fourth and fifth specified conditions for being a person with significant control. The statutory guidance is required to explain how that term should be interpreted.

There is separate statutory guidance for companies (including SEs) and LLPs.

The companies’ statutory guidance has been laid in draft before Parliament and is awaiting approval. If approved, it will have a statutory footing.

The LLP statutory guidance cannot be laid in Parliament until the LLP regulations have come into force. This means they will be laid in parliament on the 6 April 2016, and will come into force after sitting in Parliament for 40 days. They are provided here in draft.

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