Guidance: National Measurement System: annual highlights 2018


The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) invests approximately £65 million annually in the NMS, providing the UK with an infrastructure that delivers world-class measurement and technology.

Work programmes are delivered by the measurement laboratories consisting of:

  • LGC: (formerly Laboratory of the Government Chemist)
  • NML: National Measurement Laboratory
  • NEL: National Engineering Laboratory
  • NGML: National Gears Measurement Laboratory
  • NIBSC: National Institute for Biological Standards and Control
  • NPL: National Physical Laboratory

NMS research supports industry and academia, gives confidence to new technology, and supports developments in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, life sciences, health, energy, environment, security, digital, flow measurement and gears metrology.

The NMS also enables the UK to compete in global trade and manufacturing by ensuring consistency and recognition of measurement units and standards throughout the world.

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