Guidance: Green Book supplementary guidance: valuation of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions for appraisal

Updated: Updated main doc, toolkit and data tables published.

Valuing energy use and greenhouse gases is vital to ensure government takes full account of climate change and energy impacts when appraising and evaluating public policies and projects. In consultation with analysts across government, BEIS has produced guidance that provides government analysts with a set of rules for valuing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

The guidance provides practical information about implementation of the carbon valuation methodology for UK policy appraisal. It also outlines the reporting requirements for compliance with carbon budgets and guidance on how to calculate the cost effectiveness of climate change policies (refer to chapter 5 of the ‘Valuation of energy use’ document above for full details on cost effectiveness).

This guidance supplements the HM Treasury: Green Book, which provides general guidance on how to conduct appraisal and evaluation.