Guidance: European Structural and Investment Funds full application

Published 16 July 2015
Last updated 2 August 2019 + show all updates
  1. Updated versions of the Full Application form (v9) and supporting guidance (v8) have been published to detail the new requirement for ERDF projects to incorporate domestic branding as part of their publicity requirements.
  2. The Co-financing Application Form, the Co-Financing Application Form Guidance have been updated to ODT form. The ESF Financial Tables Annex has been updated and the ESF Indicator Annex table for London has been added.
  3. ESF Annex IP2.2 and the ESF Financial Viability and Risk Assessment applicant template has been added.
  4. Added the CFO Full Application Form and CFO Full Application Form Guidance.
  5. Updated the ESIF Full Application Form and ESIF Full Application Form Guidance.
  6. The ESF Indicator Annex Table version 5 has been added. This revised document reflects changes to the Technical Assistance outputs/results indicators and applicants/beneficiaries will no longer have to complete the male/female split.
  7. ESIF Full Application form has been updated to version 7. Changes are detailed on the front of the document.
  8. ESF Financial Tables v3 have been updated to clarify the Simplified Cost Options in the drop down menus.
  9. ESIF Full Application Form and ESIF Full Application Form Guidance updated to version 6.
  10. Published a revised version of the ESF indicator annex table (version 4).
  11. Full Application Financial Tables document has been updated to version 6 on 16 December 16.
  12. Co-financing Organisation Full Application Form and Guidance updated.
  13. Published a revised ESF financial tables annex (version 2).
  14. Full application form and the full application form guidance have been updated.
  15. Published revised version of the 'Full application form guidance (version 3).
  16. ESF Financial Tables Annex has been added.
  17. ESF Indicator Annex Table has been updated.
  18. Full Application Financial Tables updated to version 5 and Full Application Indicators Annex Table updated to version 5.
  19. ESF indicator annex table added.
  20. Full Application Indicators Annex Table updated with version 4.
  21. Co-Financing Organisation full application form and guidance added for organisations applying to be a CFO.
  22. First published.

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