Guidance: ESF action notes: 2014 to 2020 programme

Published 26 June 2017
Last updated 15 August 2019 + show all updates
  1. Published new Action Note 039-17.
  2. Action note added: 038/19 SCO Staff Costs
  3. Added Action Note 036/19 Clarification on attributing qualification/qualification credit results to ESF and match funded activity, and Action Note 037/19 New CFO online full application guidance.
  4. Action Note 035/19 New ECLAIMS Online Digital Service for ESF has been published.
  5. Added Action Note 034/19: Update: New ECLAIMS Online Digital Service for ESF Applications and Appraisals.
  6. Action Note 033/19 New ECLAIMS Online Digital Service for ESF Applications and Appraisals has been added.
  7. Action Note 032/19 ESF Scoring Framework has been added. The ESF Scoring Framework has been amend to explain how it applies to the Single-Stage Full Application process.
  8. Action Note 031/19 ESF and the Apprenticeship Levy: Match Evidence Requirements has been added. This action note details the necessary evidence requirements when the Apprenticeship Levy is used as Match funding within the ESF 2014 to 2020 programme.
  9. 030/19 Action Note - ESF Dual Forecast and Submission Form 2019 has been added.
  10. Added Action Note 029/18 New Single-Stage Application Process.
  11. Added Action Note 028/18 launch of the revised ESF Operational Programme.
  12. Added 'Action Note 027/18 Revised ESF Output and Result Indicator Definitions and ESF Data Evidence Requirements Guidance'.
  13. Action Note 025-18 Clarification of Public and Private Match Funding and Action Note 026-18 Delegated Grant Schemes - Defrayal Clarification Note has been added.
  14. ESF Action Note 024/18 HMG Guarantee extension has been added.
  15. Action Note 023/18 - New and revised Claims Guidance for Grant Recipients and Co-financing Organisations has been added.
  16. Action Note 022/18 The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ESF – Additional guidance on collecting and processing participant data for monitoring and evaluation
  17. Action Note 021/18 Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) funding has been added.
  18. Added Action Note 020/18 The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ESF - additional advice.
  19. Action Note 019-18 - New Assessment Scoring Procedures for Equality and Sustainable Development in ESF has been added.
  20. Added information about how to receive ESF Action Notes. You can do this by emailing your details to - include ‘Action Notes’ in the email subject heading.
  21. ESF Action Note 018/18 - The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ESF has been added.
  22. Action Note 017-18 Dual Forecast and Submission Form - Claims 2018 has been added.
  23. Added Action Note 016-18, E-claims process for Self-Declared Adjustment: applicant guidance.
  24. Added Action Note 015/18 Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) update. This provides an update to the Action Note 014/18 (issued 21 March 2018) regarding scope to extend YEI in the 2014 to 2020 ESF Programme.
  25. Added action note 014-18, Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) holding.
  26. Action Note 013/18 has been published. This Action Note is about the scope to extend ESF Technical Assistance projects in the 2014-2020 ESF programme.
  27. Action Note 012-18 added to clarify the ESF 2014-2020 Programme position on the funding of Stipends and Bursaries by ESF Projects.
  28. Added action note 011/18 YEI Funding, this provides information for existing YEI projects about extending their current contract and new calls.
  29. Added action note 010/18 Participant Data Schema (PDS), this provides an update on changes to the PDS and guidance.
  30. Added action notes 008/17 ESF and YEI Funding and 009/17 ESF and Housing Costs.
  31. Action Note 007/17 Working in ESF projects with participants who are offenders or ex-offenders has been added.
  32. Added action note: 006/17 ESF and the Apprenticeship Levy.
  33. Action Note added - 005/17 Participant contact details guidance has been updated.
  34. Published action note 004/17 changes to the branding and publicity requirements
  35. Added action note 003/17 - claims guidance for Grant Recipients and Co-Financing Organisations.
  36. Added action note 002/17 (change to IP2.2 reporting process).
  37. First published.