Detailed guide: Footwear labelling after Brexit


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This page tells you what to do if there’s a no-deal Brexit. It will be updated if anything changes, including if a deal is agreed.

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The changes will affect your business if you are:

  • a manufacturer intending to place footwear on the UK market
  • a retailer intending to sell footwear imported from the EU

Labelling requirements

The rules for what you must show on labels will stay the same after the UK leaves the EU.

Responsibility for labelling


Retailers will now be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of labelling of footwear imported from the EU.

If you know that you will be placing footwear on the UK market after Brexit, you should check the presence and accuracy of the labels.


If you are a manufacturer, your responsibilities will not change after Brexit. However, your authorised agent will now need to be based in the UK rather than the EU.

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