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Detailed guide: Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project

The Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of a large-scale roll-out of heat pumps in Great Britain by installing them in a representative range of 750 homes. Additionally new products and services have been designed to overcome some of the barriers to deployment.

Project objectives

The project objectives are to:

  • develop, test and evaluate innovative products and services that increase the appeal of heat pumps and identify optimal solutions for a wide range of homes
  • demonstrate that heat pumps, including gas-electric hybrids, can deliver high consumer satisfaction across a wide range of consumers in Great Britain
  • demonstrate the practical and technical feasibility of heat pumps, including gas-electric hybrids, across Great Britain’s diverse housing stock
  • capture learning from the project to help improve awareness across the heating supply chain, raise acceptance and support wider deployment of heat pumps in Great Britain

Project delivery

Approximately £16.5 million will be made available as part of the BEIS Energy Innovation Programme’s Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project.

The project will install and monitor 750 heat pumps across a representative range of housing archetypes, with the majority on the gas grid.

Key roles

The tender process for these appointments will ensure bids are evaluated fairly and transparently, in accordance with the agreed assessment criteria. The invitation to tender (ITT) specification will contain further details of the criteria and processes.

Management contractor

This post will manage and coordinate the project on behalf of BEIS. The contract was awarded in November 2019.

Delivery contractors

We expect to publish an invitation to tender for 3 delivery contractors in December 2019.

Evaluation contractor

This independent role will evaluate the overall delivery of the project against the agreed performance indicators and metrics. We expect to publish an invitation to tender for the evaluation contractor in December 2019.

Apply to participate

Members of the public will be able to participate in the project, which will install free heat pumps and energy efficiency upgrades (where appropriate) in eligible homes across selected areas of Great Britain. Further details on how to take part will be announced here in early 2020.


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