Collection: Energy and emissions projections

Updated: Latest Energy and Emissions Projections 2017 published.

Each year BEIS publishes updated energy projections (UEPs), analysing and projecting future energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. These projections allow us to monitor progress towards meeting the UK’s carbon budgets and are used to inform energy policy and associated analytical work across government departments.

The projections are based on assumptions of future economic growth, fossil fuel prices, electricity generation costs, UK population and other key variables regularly updated. They also give an indication of the impact of the uncertainty around some of these input assumptions.

Each set of projections takes account of climate change policies where funding has been agreed and where decisions on policy design are sufficiently advanced to allow robust estimates of policy impacts to be made.

If you are a specific user of the non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions projections could you please contact the following address with details of your requirements

You can view previous projections on the National Archives website.