Collection: Building materials and components: monthly statistics

Updated: We have added Building materials and components statistics for May 2018

The construction market intelligence (CMI) unit publication, ‘Monthly statistics of building materials and components’, presents the latest detailed information on selected building materials and contains monthly data on price indices, bricks, cement and concrete blocks. It also contains quarterly data on sand and gravel, slate, concrete roofing tiles, ready-mixed concrete and imports and exports of construction products.

The latest edition of the statistics is available in PDF format or Excel format (which contains an additional table showing annual breakdown of EU/non-EU imports and exports).

CMI also produces a commentary on each publication.

You can find past editions of the statistics (from January 2005 to December 2010 in PDF and April 2008 to December 2010 in excel) on the National Archives website.

Supporting documents are available in line with the code of practice for official statistics, including a calendar of future publication dates.

In 2010 we conducted an internal review of the statistics document to assess whether it was meeting users’ needs and how it could be improved. In response to this exercise, the Office for National Statistics’ Methodology Advisory Service (ONS/MAS) has also reviewed the publication and made recommendations on seasonal adjustment and design. The reports are available below.

The Consultative Committee on Construction Industry Statistics (CCCIS) contribute to the construction market intelligence and meets twice a year. Topics of discussion relate to the issues on the collection and dissemination of UK construction statistics. It is chaired by BEIS and has a wide membership representing government, the construction industry and independent analysts.