Domestic Energy Suppliers

There are many gas and electricity suppliers in the UK energy market, a picture made more complicated by the white labelling and rebranding of suppliers. There have also been quite a few suppliers who have merged, been acquired or closed down over the last few years.

British GasYesYesBG News
Eon EnergyYesYesEon News
Scottish PowerYesYesSP News
Scottish and Southern EnergyNo (Ovo)YesSSE News
Npower (Now E.on Next)Yes – for nowYes
EDF EnergyYesYesEDF News
Ovo EnergyYesYesOvo News
Octopus EnergyYesYesOctopus News
Avro EnergyYesNoAvro News
Bristol EnergyYesNoBristol News
Click EnergyYesNoClick News
Ebico EnergyYesNoEbico News
EcotricityYesYesEcotricity News
Enstroga UKYesNoEnstroga UK
Fairer PowerYesNoFairer Power News
Firmus EnergyYesNoFirmus Energy News
Good EnergyYesYesGood Energy News
Great North EnergyYesNoGreat North Energy News
IresaYesNoIresa News
Jersey ElectricityYesNoJersey Electricity News
Nabuh EnergyYesNoNabuh Energy News
Outfox The MarketYesNoOutfox the Market News
Peoples EnergyYesNoPeoples Energy News
PFP EnergyYesNoPFP Energy News
Powershop UK NewsYesNoPowershop UK News
Shell Home EnergyYesNoShell Home Energy News
Simplicity EnergyYesNoSimplicity Energy News
So EnergyYesNoSo Energy News
Spark EnergyYesNoSpark Energy News
Together EnergyYesNoTogether Energy News
Tonik EnergyYesNoTonik Energy News
Utility WarehouseYesNoUtility Warehouse News
Yorkshire EnergyYesNoYorkshire Energy News
Zog EnergyYesNoZog Energy News