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Energy Solutions for Investors and Analysts

The right information for you and your clients

Energy Solutions has been involved in the energy sector at all levels for 18 years – we have worked with generators, suppliers, distributors and energy consumers across the UK and beyond. We publish daily updated wholesale prices for gas and power for the UK, and have access to prices for other fuels and other countries – our traders also produce market reports which are updated three times daily.

As our business has developed more and more investment companies, banks and hedge funds are visiting our website. Companies like BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Blackstone, Deloitte, KPMG and many more visitors on a daily basis.

We have also advised some of these companies, saving them time and money and providing data and insight into the energy industry which has allowed them to better serve their clients.

Energy Solutions has a range of publications which we have previously only promoted to energy buyers, but which we are now making available on a wider basis. These publications include:

  • UK Energy Markets Intraday Report
  • Daily Briefing Report
  • UK Weekly Energy Price Briefing
  • European Weekly Energy Price Briefing
  • Weekly Oil Fact Sheet
  • UK Energy Focus
  • European Energy Buyer
  • Monthly Oil Price and Supply Report
  • Free Market Bulletin

In addition, we have a range of market indices and can provide information on the UK energy markets and its participants and advise on a range of issues including feasibility studies, market benchmarking, regulatory issues, energy investment and beyond.

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