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Getting to grips with TRIADs

Energy Solutions new TRIAD warning service could cut 5%+ off of our your energy bills, just by managing your demand at peak times.

The Triad/TNUoS service includes warnings throughout the TRIAD season. All warning notifications are issued before 10am and will include a traffic light warning system of the peak demands that day along with a comment on the reasons for the warning. Once a customer has been notified of a TRIAD warning they should monitor and where possible reduce their energy usage. This service is available free to procurement customers or for a small fee to non-customers. Call 0131 610 1688 for more information.

What are TRIADs?

Next year many businesses will receive a Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charge or TRIAD on their bill. This a charge levied by the National Grid for the maintenance of the electricity transmission system.

TRIADs are described as the three half-hour periods of peak demand that occur between November and the end of February. Each TRIAD must be separated from the last by at least ten days.

What’s their role?

Rather than calculating a charge based on the use of the network over a whole year,  TRIADS give the National Grid a way of measuring supply and demand at times when the grid is most heavily used. How much a business pays depends on their portion of network use.

When do TRIADs take place?

TRIADs typically occur in the evening, when it’s dark and cold and businesses are still consuming power. Weekdays between 5pm and 5:30pm are prime times. However, the National Grid won’t know which TRIAD period has seen peak demand until it looks back at the entire TRIAD period at the end of February.

So what can be done about them?

It’s important to understand how TRIADs can impact on your business and although they can’t be eliminated, their impact can be significantly reduced.

Energy Solutions has developed a number of tools that can help businesses track potential TRIAD dates. By monitoring the National Grid, we can warn our clients about potential TRIAD periods, allowing them to reduce or shift demand. This TRIAD management usually involves reducing consumption for around two hours during periods when peak demand is forecast.