Environmental Policy

Our impact on a local, regional and national level

Energy Solutions’ environmental policy ensures it develops and operates management systems and working practices that make proper provision for the protection of the environment. It also allows for continuous improvement, with due consideration to cost and commercially available technology.

As a company offering sustainable and energy efficient solutions, we believe that our environmental policy should be at the heart of everything we do.

To ensure that this is properly implemented, our Managing Director, on behalf of the Board, will ensure that the following objectives are achieved.

  • To operate the business in compliance with all current and applicable environmental legislation and codes of practice.
  • To establish and maintain contact with the appropriate environmental regulatory authorities in order to seek and implement environmental best practice.
  • To utilise energy and water resources efficiently with consideration given to best available practice.
  • To design its products to minimise environmental impact in production, use and disposal.
  • To monitor, control and continually reduce significant pollutants to all environmental media arising from Company activities with due regard for best available technique.
  • To ensure minimisation of waste and assessment of waste recovery, re-use and recycling.
  • To encourage employees, customers, suppliers and contractors to recognise their respective obligations regarding environmental protection and continual improvement.
  • To increase the awareness of employees on environmental matters through education and training.
  • To document, implement and maintain systems for monitoring and assessing performance against environmental standards and company procedures.
  • To issue an environmental plan in order to record, prioritise and update environmental objectives, targets and actions.