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As businesses grow their demands for electricity and gas can change too.

Because of the way the energy industry is set up, getting a new or upgraded supply is overly complicated.  The local PES distributor owns the power cable that enters the building. Another company owns the electricity meter, sometimes this company reads the meter, but not always.  None of these companies is your energy supplier.

The situation for gas meters is similar, as is water.

Getting from your first supply request to a working supply and receiving your first electricity or gas bill can be a long and complicated process if you are not aware of the exact steps.

We offer a fully managed service to our clients looking for either upgraded or new supplies – we will work with all of the suppliers as well as your M & E consultants and builders. This service is provided free of charge, where we arrange the ongoing supply contract for the site – where this is not appropriate we can agree on a fee payable on the site going live.

We can arrange changes to electricity (Single Phase, Three Phase, Half Hourly and High Voltage), gas (all supply sizes from domestic to heavy industrial) and water supplies – as well as new supply points.

To find out more about how we can take the pressure off of you, please complete this form or call us on 0131 610 1688.

A client in Cumbria approached their existing supplier and was quoted “at least five weeks” for a new meter install – we arranged for the meter to be fitted by an alternative supplier in 12 days.