MPAS – Meter Point Administration Service

Finding out your mpan and current electricity supplier

The Meter Point Administration Service or MPAS as it’s known is operated by the 14 regional electricity distributors that cover the UK. Each distributor operates the service in the area of the UK that they cover independently – distributors can only search and update sites in their own area. There is also an online version of the MPAS database, known as the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service or ECOES for short, which contains information about every domestic and commercial electricity meter in the UK. The full Ecoes database can only be licensed energy suppliers – limited access is available for commercial end-users, but only for sites that they currently occupy. For business and domestic customers, the database contains two pieces of vital information. The Mpan or Meter Point Administration Number and the current supplier.

The MPAN is a 21 digit number used to uniquely identify your electricity supply, tariff and supply structure. This number is needed by electricity suppliers when you want to switch your supply. It also confirms the location of the supply.

It also confirms the current supplier for the Mpan, and the supplier history for the last 5 years. This is especially useful if you are taking over a new site, have not received any bills or there are any other issues with the meter.

Use the table below to find the contact details for your local MPAS service.

Distributor IDRegionDistribution CompanyContact number
10Eastern EnglandUK Power Networks0845 601 5467
11East MidlandsWestern Power Distribution0845 603 0618
12LondonUK Power Networks0845 601 5467
13Merseyside and North WalesSP Energy Networks0845 270 9101
14West MidlandsWestern Power Distribution0845 603 0618
15North East EnglandNorthern Powergrid0845 601 3268
16North West EnglandElectricity North West0800 195 4141
17Scotland NorthSSE Power Distribution0345 026 2554
18Scotland SouthSP Energy Networks0845 270 9101
19South East EnglandUK Power Networks0845 601 5467
20Southern EnglandSSE Power Distribution0345 026 2554
21South WalesWestern Power Distribution0845 601 5972
22South West EnglandWestern Power Distribution0845 601 5972
23YorkshireNorthern Powergrid0845 330 0889
24IndependentIndependent Power Networks Ltd01359 243311
25IndependentESP Electricity Limited 01372 227560
26IndependentEnergetics Electricity Ltd 01698 404949
27IndependentThe Electricity Network Company Ltd (GTC) 01359 243311
28IndependentUK Power Networks (IDNO) Limited 0845 601 4516

If you’re not sure which Distributor/PES area the mpan is in, click for an interactive map with postcodes. Alternatively, get in touch and let Energy Solutions find your Mpan, current supplier and the best options going forward.