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Western Power Distribution is one of the largest DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) and it covers a large part of the UK. It is made up of 4 separate companies.

Western Power Distribution carries electricity from the high voltage transmission grid, which is owned and operated by the National Grid, to industrial, commercial and domestic users across all these areas. The distribution network stops at the electricity meter, which is owned by the meter operator.

This means that the most common reasons for people to be dealing with Western Power are:

  • Power Cuts
  • New Connections
  • Upgrading or downgrading power supplies
  • Connecting generation to the grid
  • Finding out who your electricity supplier is
Power cuts
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New Connections

Connection TypeGuaranteed StandardAverage time to receive a quotationPrices from (excl.VAT)Average prices (excl.VAT)Average time to get a connection from payment
1 standard domestic connection5 days4 days£450£2,0004 Weeks
Up to 4 standard domestic connections15 days5 days£1,800£5,0005 Weeks
Over 4 domestic connections (based on typical 5 connections with service works only)25 days7 days£1,890£15,0006 Weeks
Typical small business connection
(up to 69kVA)
15 days5 days£452£4,0005 Weeks
Multiple small business connections (based on typical 2 connections with low voltage service works only)25 days8 days£3,812£12,0006 Weeks
Typical large business connection (HV)35 days8 days£14,212£65,00014 Weeks
Extra high voltage connection65 days50 daysPrice on requestPrice on request2 Years
Unmetered new connections (excluding Local Authority & PFI)25 days7 days£298£2,4175 Weeks

These costs and timings are from WPD and are for general illustration purposes only and are not to be relied upon should you require a more accurate price in respect of specific premises.


  • Western Power Distribution Plc 09223384;
  • Western Power Distribution (East Midlands) Plc (company number 02366923);
  • Western Power Distribution (West Midlands) Plc (company number 03600574);
  • Western Power Distribution (South West) Plc (company number 02366894);
  • Western Power Distribution (South Wales) Plc (company number 02366985);
  • WPD Smart Metering Limited ( company number 07139151);
  • South Western Helicopters Limited (company number 02439215);
  • WPD Property Investments Limited (company number 02373239)
  • WPD Telecoms Limited (company number 02386327)

All are registered to Avonbank, Feeder Road, Bristol BS2 0TB

Western Power Distribution Map

Western Power Distribution Area Map


Western Power Distribution is an electricity distribution network operator that serves the Midlands, South West and Wales. It delivers electricity to almost 8 million customers and covers an area of 55,500 square kilometres. The company employs over 6500 staff, and it takes pride in being more than just an electricity distribution network. It provides training, contracting services and more. It also strives to offer excellent customer service, and it has been awarded the Government’s Charter Mark, which is now called the Customer Service Excellence award, since 1992. Western Power Distribution is not involved in buying or selling electricity to customers as that is what energy suppliers do.

Western Power Distribution distributes electricity to industrial, commercial and domestic customers across all these regions.

Western Power Distribution is a combined network of 4 DNOs.

DNOcustomers (million)area (square km)
WPD South West1.614.400
WPD South Wales1.111.800
WPD East Midlands2.716.000
WPD West Midlands2.513.300

Western Power Distribution’s services

Western Power Distribution can assist customers in several areas.

Handling power cuts

If you ever experience a power cut, you should contact your distribution network operator, not your energy supplier.

Western Power Distribution gives customers the chance to use a live map to verify whether the company knows about the power cut in their area. The company offers advice explaining how to be prepared for a power cut. The main tips they offer include:

  • having a portable light such as a torch at hands
  • having a battery-powered radio
  • protecting electrical equipment
  • keeping useful numbers at hand

How to report a power cut

Western Power Distribution offers customers several ways to report a power cut.

You can report the cut by filling a form online.

You can call the company at 0800 6783 105 or call 105, which is a national power cut line. If you call Western Power Distribution and they already know about the problem they will be able to tell you when the electricity will be restored.

You can also use the Power Cut Reporter mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices.

Installing new connections

Western Power Distribution can help you connect a small domestic dwelling, a whole domestic housing estate, a small or medium-sized business, or even a big commercial one. The company can complete the entire connection work.

Western Power Distribution can also connect renewable energy or microgeneration for you. If you need to change the location or size of your connection, Western Power Distribution can help you with that as well.

Installing EV charging stations

The company specialises in connecting low carbon technologies like EV charging points. Electric vehicle charging equipment can be connected to an existing electricity supply.

Western Power Distribution’s impact on the environment

The company prepared investment plans that support the net-zero transition, promote green energy and offer green jobs across the South West, South Wales and the Midlands. The government’s aim to deliver net-zero means that many of the fossil fuels that are currently used, will be replaced with renewable energy sources.

Western Power Distribution published a Green Recovery Map, which shows areas that require strategic investment in the electricity network to make them more green. The types of network reinforcements suggested in these areas include upgraded substations and circuits.

The company aims to reduce its impact on the environment. Last year it achieved a number of improvements that include:

  • Zero waste to landfill in East Midlands and South Wales, in areas where Western Power Distribution operates
  • Lowering of the business’s carbon footprint
  • Reduction in fluid filled cable losses and leaks
  • Meeting environmental management system standards.

Executive team

Directors of Western Power Distribution are responsible for ensuring that the company is focused on achieving its objectives. They also determine what these goals and the company’s strategic direction are.

Phil Swift – Chief Executive

Phil Swift
Phil Swift

Phil joined Western Power Distribution almost 3 decades ago, in 1992. Before that, he worked in the aerospace industry and got a degree in engineering. He also held a number of senior management positions in metering and operational delivery. In July 2013, he became Operations Director at the Board of Western Power Distribution. His tasks included managing logistics, safety and training activities. 5 years later, in 2018, he was appointed as Chief Executive.

Ian Williams – Group Finance Director

Ian Williams
Ian Williams

Ian joined Western Power Distribution in 1991. He first served as Operations Financial Controller, then he became Management Accounting Manager. Ten years later, in 2001, he became the Head of internal audit, and in 2006 a Treasurer. In February 2015 he was appointed as Resources and External Affairs Director. In his current role as Group Finance Director, he’s served for 3 years, since April 2018. 

Alison Sleightholm – Resources and External Affairs Director

Alison Sleightholm

Alison Sleightholm

Alison joined Western Power Distribution in 1985 and has had a number of engineering roles within the company since then. She previously held the role of Regulation and Government Affairs Manager and she was responsible for developing the company’s business plan and stakeholder engagement programme. She became Resources and External Affairs Director in April 2018.

Graham Halladay – Operations Director

Graham Halladay
Graham Halladay

Graham joined Western Power Distribution in 1983 as an apprentice. Since then he has served in numerous operational and senior management roles within the business. His responsibilities as Operations Director for the company include managing the distribution of electricity to eight million customers that Western Power Distribution serves.

Key financial data

In the financial year 2019/20, the company’s revenue was £1,723.5 million. EBTIDA for that year was £1,252.8 million. A year before, in the financial year 2018/19, the revenue was £1,685.6 million, and EBTIDA £1,203.6 million. That means that over the course of one year, the company’s overall financial performance has improved, but not by a large margin.


Western Power Distribution’s main website.

If you’re having troubles with your power supply, you can call 0800 6783 105. The line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have a general enquiry, call 0800 096 3080.

If you have a complaint, you can fill in an online form.

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Common Questions

What does Western Power Distribution do?

Western Power Distribution is responsible for delivering electricity to homes and businesses. It does so by managing and upgrading overhead and underground power lines, as well as maintaining transformers and sub-stations within their network.

Who is the CEO of Western Power Distribution?

Philip Swift is the CEO of the company. He was appointed for the role in 2018.

Where does Western Power Distribution operate?

The company’s service area covers the Midlands, South Wales and the South West. There, Western Power serves almost 8 million customers across 55,500 square kilometre area.

Who owns Western Power Distribution?

Western Power Distribution is owned by PPL Global LLC, which is a subsidiary of PPL Corporation of Allentown, Pennsylvania. PPL Global LLC acquired the company in Ocotber 2000.


Western Power Distribution is one of 14 DNOs operating in the UK. It serves almost 8 million customers across the Midlands, South West and Wales. It’s one of the biggest DNOs in the country. Western Power Distribution does not sell electricity. The company’s responsibility is to ensure that cables, wires, and other connections effectively deliver electricity to homes and businesses. Like any other DNO, Western Power Distribution is regulated by  the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem). Thanks to that, customers can be sure that DNOs do not abuse their monopoly on delivering electricity in a certain region. Western Power Distribution believes that innovation is crucial to providing customers with high-quality services. Hence, on a regular basis, it introduces new solutions aiming to improve customers’ experience. Moreover, the company aims to reduce its impact on the environment and helps its clients do the same by offering help with, for example, the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles.