SP Energy Networks

SP Energy Networks SPEN is one of the two Scottish companies that own the DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) and it covers a large part of Scotland, and northern England. It owns two PES Areas

SP Energy Networks carries electricity from the high voltage transmission grid, which is owned and operated by the National Grid, to industrial, commercial and domestic users across these regions. The distribution network stops at the electricity meter, which is owned by the meter operator.

This means that the most common reasons for people to be dealing with SP Energy Networks are:

  • Power Cuts
  • New Connections
  • Upgrading or downgrading power supplies
  • Connecting generation to the grid
  • Finding out who your electricity supplier is
Power cuts
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New Connections
Connection TypeGuaranteed StandardAverage time to receive a quotationPrices from (excl.VAT)Average prices (excl.VAT)Average time to get a connection from payment
1 standard domestic connection5 days4 days£450£2,0004 Weeks
Up to 4 standard domestic connections15 days5 days£1,800£5,0005 Weeks
Over 4 domestic connections (based on typical 5 connections with service works only)25 days7 days£1,890£15,0006 Weeks
Typical small business connection
(up to 69kVA)
15 days5 days£452£4,0005 Weeks
Multiple small business connections (based on typical 2 connections with low voltage service works only)25 days8 days£3,812£12,0006 Weeks
Typical large business connection (HV)35 days8 days£14,212£65,00014 Weeks
Extra high voltage connection65 days50 daysPrice on requestPrice on request2 Years
Unmetered new connections (excluding Local Authority & PFI)25 days7 days£298£2,4175 Weeks

These costs and timings are from SPEN and are for general illustration purposes only and are not to be relied upon should you require a more accurate price in respect of specific premises.

  • Scottish Power Energy Networks Holdings Ltd
  • SP Transmission plc
  • SP Distribution PLC
  • SP Power Systems Ltd

SP Energy Networks Overview 

SP Energy Networks are a subsidiary of Scottish Power and are among the 14 distribution network operators in the UK. They own and operate the electricity distribution and transmission networks in Cheshire, North Wales, North Shropshire and Merseyside. As well as these English locations, they operate in both Central and Southern Scotland. 

Quick statistics: 

  • Connect electricity to and from 3.5 million homes and businesses.
  • On-call 24/7, 365 days a year. 
  • 40,000km of overhead lines. 
  • 65,000km of underground cables. 
  • 30,000 substations. 
  • 1.5 million customers in Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire. 
  • 2 million customers in Central and Southern Scotland. 
SP Energy Networks Distribution Map
SP Energy Networks Area Map

Distribution Networks 

43% of SP Energy Networks customers are located in three of the UK’s largest cities; Liverpool, Glasgow & Edinburgh. Their distribution network spans three significant rural areas; North Wales, Scottish Borders and Dumfries & Galloway.  

SP Energy Networks have more than 2,600 internal employees in their distribution workforce. They are located in 34 UK locations. This includes 17 spots in the south of Scotland as well as 17 places in England and Wales. 

Transmission Network 

SP Energy Networks transmission network is where generated electricity from wind farms, power stations, other sources is transported. Their transmission network, based in central and southern Scotland has 3700 kilometres of overhead lines and more than 600 kilometres of underground cables. 

This also includes over150 substations with more than 100 grid supply points in the transmission network, reducing high voltage electricity to a lower voltage, used for homes across the UK. 

Who is the CEO of SP Energy Networks? 

Frank Mitchell is the CEO of SP Energy Networks.  

Where Are SP Energy Networks Based? 

SP Energy Networks have two main offices in the UK. Their head office is based in Scotland, the address is: 

Central and Southern Scotland: 

SP Energy Networks 
3rd Floor 
320 St Vincent Street 
G2 5AD 

Their England office is based in Merseyside. The address is: 

Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales, and North Shropshire: 

SP Energy Networks 
3 Prenton Way 
CH43 3ET 

Are SP Energy Networks Green Efficient? 

SP Energy Networks have set up the Green Recovery Investment scheme. This is to help the UK transition to net zero. Along with other energy suppliers in the UK, SP Energy Networks is working with Ofgem to raise £300m with the aims to produce a green economic recovery from Covid-19. These funds will go towards some of the following: 

  • Community energy projects.
  • Investment in EV charging facilities at motorway service areas. 
  • Facilities for public EV charging hubs. 

SP Energy Networks Products and Services 

SP Energy Networks transmit, distribute and connect electricity to and from businesses and homes across the UK.  

Transmission and Distribution Service: 

  • Energy is generated from power stations and wind farms in Scotland. 
  • Then it is transported to a grid supply. 
  • Next, energy is sent to a large substation, where 132,000 volts is converted to 33,000 volts. 
  • This electricity is transmitted to primary and secondary substations located in both Scotland, England and Wales. 
  • Finally, the electricity is delivered to your homes. 

Other services that SP Energy Networks provide include: 

  • Dealing with power cuts. 
  • New connections. 
  • Disconnections. 
  • Moving existing connection points and meters. 

SP Energy Networks Board of Directors and Key Staff 

Sr. Armando Martinez – Chairman 

Sr. Armando Martinez
Sr. Armando Martinez

With over 20 years of experience in the energy industry, Sr. Armando Martinez is currently the director of He is a director of Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica, S.A., Elektro Electricidade e Servicos, S.A., Iberdrola USA Networks, Inc. and Iberdrola Redes España, S.A.U. His experience in the utilities sector include roles such as head of operation and maintenance, CEO of Iberdrola Mexico and has been a board member of Iberdrola Generación España, S.A., and Scottish Power Generation Holdings Limited. 


Frank Mitchell – CEO 

Frank Mitchell
Frank Mitchell

Frank Mitchell has more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector, with assignments in the UK, USA and internationally. He has extensive experience in gas operation and is a professional engineer. He is also the chair of skills development in Scotland and works with both local and national governments in the support of environmental goals. Frank Mitchell also was a member of the EU eurelecric DSO committee which represented 2400 electrical distribution companies in Europe.  

Alison McGregor – Board Member 

Alison McGregor
Alison McGregor

Alison McGregor specialises in the banking industry, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, 20 of those years with Barclays Bank PLC. Appointed as an independent non-executive director of SP Energy Networks in 2018, she also is the non-executive director of CBI, Beatson Cancer Charity Board and Fidelity Special Values PLC. 

Alison McGregor also won the Scotland Corporate Leader of the Year Award in the Scottish Women’s Awards back in 2017, along with UK Woman of Achievement by Woman in Banking and Finance in 2018.  


Professor Dame Lesley Anne Glover – Board Member 

Professor Dame Lesley Anne Glover
Professor Dame Lesley Anne Glover

Professor Dame Lesley Anne Glover was appointed as an independent non-executive director of SP Energy Networks in July 2019. She is a special advisor to the principal of the University of Strathclyde. Professor Dame Lesley Anne Glover was the first person to hold the role of chief scientific advisor for Scotland and also chaired the Scottish Government Saltire Prize Committee. Professor Dame Lesley Anne Glover was also the chief scientific advisor to the President of the European Commission, giving valuable, expert advice on technology, science and aviation.  

Sr. Sanchez Galan – Board Member 

Sanchez Galan
Sanchez Galan

From 2014 up until August 2020, Sr. Sanchez Galan held the position of global electrical procurement director with Iberdrola. His previous experience includes business strategy manager at Grupo Berge, holding a consultancy position with Deloitte, sales account manager and plant manager for Group Antolin UK and currently is also a member of the board of directors at Matarromera SL. Sr. Sanchez Galan held numerous managerial roles in the automotive industry in the UK and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in 2008. 

Monica Grau Domene – Board Member 

Monica Grau Domene
Monica Grau Domene

Monica Grau Domene is the administration and control director of Iberdrola’s networks business. Monica Grau Domene joined the board at Iberdrola in 2005, and between 2015 and 2020 was responsible for leading the market intelligence team at Iberdrola. Before joining the firm, Monica Grau Domene worked at Arthur Andersen and Deloitte as a senior auditor for energy companies. Monica Grau Domene has a degree in business administration from the University of Carlos III, alone with an executive MBA from the University of Antonio Nebrija.  


Who Are SP Energy Networks’ Subsidiaries? 

The three regulated electricity businesses related to SP Energy Networks are: 

  • SP Transmission PLC (SPT) – they hold the transmission licence for both central and southern Scotland, also owning part of Northern Ireland Electricity along with Moyle Interconnector. 
  • SP Distribution PLC (SPD) – they have the distribution licence for southern and central Scotland. 
  • SP Manweb PLC (SPM) – they obtain the distribution licence for Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales. 

Who Are SP Energy Networks’ Shareholders? 

SP Energy Networks are a subsidiary of Scottish Power, which was acquired by Iberdrola in 2007.  

Contacts, Websites and Social Media 

Power cut: 105 

Central & Southern Scotland: 0800 092 9290 

Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire: 0800 001 5400 

Connections and altercations: 0845 270 0785  

General enquiries 

Support centre 

Complaints: 0330 1010 444 






SP Energy Networks In Recent News 

Recently, SP Energy Networks completed the refurbishment of their overhead transmission lines. They are based in the south of Scotland and it cost over £30m over a two-year plan. This refurbishment aims to help SP Energy Networks transition to a green future, with parent company Scottish Power leading the way in renewable energy. 

The upgrades to their transmission network included the line ‘V route’ running between Harker, Hawick and Galashiels. All the conductors located along the transmission line were replaced, along with 280 towers that were both inspected then repaired.  

In other recent news, SP Energy Networks announced their new green efficient drones will be used for inspecting lines, rather than helicopters. Previously, SP Energy Networks only used helicopters for assessing towers on their transmission network. 

After a trial period, drones will now perform assessments along the transmission network across Southern and Central Scotland. This announcement is in line with their target of a net-zero future and their carbon emission targets.  

SP Energy Networks Key Financial Data 

In 2019, profit decreased by £53.4m. This was due to a decrease in dividends received from the company’s subsidiaries.  

2018 (£m) 2019 (£m) 
Net Profit 279.9 226.5 
Total Assets 1,823.6 1,823.6