Electricity North West

Electricity North West is one of smaller DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) and it covers only one PES / Distribution area.

PES/DNO Area: Norweb, 16

Electricity North West carries electricity from the high voltage transmission grid, which is owned and operated by the National Grid, to industrial, commercial and domestic users across this area. The distribution network stops at the electricity meter, which is owned by the meter operator.

This means that the most common reasons for people to be dealing with Electricity North West are:

  • Power Cuts
  • New Connections
  • Upgrading or downgrading power supplies
  • Connecting generation to the grid
  • Finding out who your electricity supplier is
Power Cuts

Edenhall, Penrith at 3am. It's dark. It's wet. It's windy. Our engineers were out following reports of this tree on an overhead line and worked to clear the debris so we can #KeepingPowerFlowing.

We are receiving calls from across the North West reporting trees falling on overhead lines. Please remember if you see any trees on lines or any damage to equipment, to stay back, stay safe and dial 105 to speak to our team. - Lee

We've dispatched engineers to #Ambleside #LA22 following reports of overhead equipment being blown down by strong winds. This is currently affecting 132 properties and you can see updates by clicking the link below - Lee https://www.enwl.co.uk/power-cuts/fault-journey/?postcodeOrReferenceNumber=60484617

Good morning North West - Lee here until 3pm. I'll keep you up to date with any powercut info today. Looks like it's going to be a wet and windy weekend so give us a ring on 105 if you have any issues with your electricity supply.

#Update We have now restored all supplies in #BB4 #Rossendale. Apologies again for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your continued patience - Taz

Apologies we are aware of a #powercut in #BB4 #Rossendale affecting 226 customers. Engineers have advised power will be restored by 07:00 - Nette

Read the latest update on the #Wigton #CA7 power cut here: https://www.enwl.co.uk/about-us/news/latest-news-and-views/2020/engineers-working-to-fix-wigton-fault/

The @metofficeNWEng have issued a yellow #weatherwarning for wind on Sunday. For more information and updates visit https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/warnings-and-advice/uk-warnings#?date=2020-07-03

Update on #powercut In #Accrington. Power now restored to all properties affected. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We here 24/7 should you require any further assistance

We are aware of a #powercut in #Accrington affecting 404 properties. We currently have engineers on route an updates will follow. Apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thanks Michael

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New Connections
Connection TypeGuaranteed StandardAverage time to receive a quotationPrices from (excl.VAT)Average prices (excl.VAT)Average time to get a connection from payment
1 standard domestic connection5 days4 days£450£2,0004 Weeks
Up to 4 standard domestic connections

15 days5 days£1,800£5,0005 Weeks
Over 4 domestic connections (based on typical 5 connections with service works only)

25 days7 days£1,890£15,0006 Weeks
Typical small business connection

(up to 69kVA)

15 days5 days£452£4,0005 Weeks
Multiple small business connections (based on typical 2 connections with low voltage service works only)

25 days8 days£3,812£12,0006 Weeks
Typical large business connection (HV)

35 days8 days£14,212£65,00014 Weeks
Extra high voltage connection

65 days50 daysPrice on requestPrice on request2 Years
Unmetered new connections (excluding Local Authority & PFI)

25 days7 days£298£2,4175 Weeks

These costs and timings are from ENWL and are for general illustration purposes only and are not to be relied upon should you require a more accurate price in respect of specific premises.

  • Electricity North West Limited
  • North West Electricity Networks plc (formerly North West Electricity Networks Limited)
  • ENW Capital Finance plc
  • ENW Finance plc
  • North West Electricity Networks (Holdings) Limited
  • NWEN Finance plc
  • North West Electricity Networks (Finance) Ltd
  • NWEN (UK) Limited
Electricity North West Distribution Map
Electricity North West Area Map