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Electricity North West is one of smaller DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) and it covers only one PES / Distribution area.

PES/DNO Area: Norweb, 16

Electricity North West carries electricity from the high voltage transmission grid, which is owned and operated by the National Grid, to industrial, commercial and domestic users across this area. The distribution network stops at the electricity meter, which is owned by the meter operator.

This means that the most common reasons for people to be dealing with Electricity North West are:

  • Power Cuts
  • New Connections
  • Upgrading or downgrading power supplies
  • Connecting generation to the grid
  • Finding out who your electricity supplier is
Power Cuts

Update for #Manchester #M34 - Power has been restored to all affected properties. Thank you to anyone affected by this for bearing with us whilst we worked to fix the fault. If anyone needs us, we're here 24/7 on 105 - Lee

We are receiving high call volumes from #M34 #Manchester due to a power cut affecting 1245 properties. We have dispatched engineers to investigate and work to restore supplies as soon as we can. I'll post a further update once we've arrived and safety checks are complete. - Lee

Update 📣 for #accrington we are sorry and we appreciate everyone has already been off supply, our engineers need to do a full repair to the network and aim to get all power restored by 20:30. If you rely on electricity for medical purposes please dial 105. Many thanks Bethany.

For those of our customers that were supplied via generator in the #M19 area, we are now disconnecting the generator in order to connect all properties back up to the mains network. Supplies will be interrupted for 60 minutes whilst our team onsite work on this. - Thanks, Ellie

Update on the #Powercut in #Darwen in the #BB3 area. We have now restored supplies to all of our customers, we thank you for your patience today. If you are still without power please call us on 105 or send us a DM. - Thanks, Ellie

Update on the fault in #Manchester in the #M18 area. We will begin switching to get the first stage of customers back on by 14:30. The last stage of customers will be restored by 20:00. Any further updates we will send as we receive. Thank you for your patience today - Ellie

There are 81 properties in #Gorton #Manchester affected by a power cut. We are receiving calls from the area and engineers have been dispatched to investigate. Updates will follow once initial checks are complete - Lee

We are receiving calls from the #M19 postcode area in #Manchester, due to a power cut affecting 87 properties. Engineers have been dispatched to investigate and work to restore supplies. We'll post updates once we've arrived and completed initial checks - Lee

If you're looking to update your details on our priority services register our chatbot can help.


Happy Saturday North West! Ellie and Beth here, if you need anything just drop us a DM #HereToHelp #GetInTouch

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New Connections
Connection TypeGuaranteed StandardAverage time to receive a quotationPrices from (excl.VAT)Average prices (excl.VAT)Average time to get a connection from payment
1 standard domestic connection5 days4 days£450£2,0004 Weeks
Up to 4 standard domestic connections15 days5 days£1,800£5,0005 Weeks
Over 4 domestic connections (based on typical 5 connections with service works only)25 days7 days£1,890£15,0006 Weeks
Typical small business connection
(up to 69kVA)
15 days5 days£452£4,0005 Weeks
Multiple small business connections (based on typical 2 connections with low voltage service works only)25 days8 days£3,812£12,0006 Weeks
Typical large business connection (HV)35 days8 days£14,212£65,00014 Weeks
Extra high voltage connection65 days50 daysPrice on requestPrice on request2 Years
Unmetered new connections (excluding Local Authority & PFI)25 days7 days£298£2,4175 Weeks

These costs and timings are from ENWL and are for general illustration purposes only and are not to be relied upon should you require a more accurate price in respect of specific premises.

  • Electricity North West Limited
  • North West Electricity Networks plc (formerly North West Electricity Networks Limited)
  • ENW Capital Finance plc
  • ENW Finance plc
  • North West Electricity Networks (Holdings) Limited
  • NWEN Finance plc
  • North West Electricity Networks (Finance) Ltd
  • NWEN (UK) Limited
Electricity North West Distribution Map
Electricity North West Area Map

Overview of the company

In 2007 the company purchased an electricity distribution network from United Utilities. Now, Electricity North West is a distribution network operator (DNO) that powers communities across the North West from Cumbria to Manchester. The company serves 2.4 million houses and 5 million customers. Electricity North West is regulated by Ofgem and the majority of electricity it distributes enters its network from the National Grid. It’s responsible for maintaining and upgrading 13,000km of overhead power lines and over 44,000km of underground electricity cables.

Company history

  1. In 1890 first permanent public electricity supply in the North West started in Keswick.
  2. By 1900, 73 suppliers had developed in the North West.
  3. In 1947 the industry was nationalised by the Electricity Act and the 73 separate suppliers that were operating in the North West were merged into the North West Electricity Board (Norweb).
  4. During the 1960s and 1970s the demand for energy started getting bigger.
  5. In 1990 Norweb privatised with the rest of the electricity industry and became Norweb Plc.
  6. In 1995 Norweb Plc was acquired by North West Water and formed United Utilities.
  7. In 2000 new electricity supply companies, which were separate from distribution networks, were formed.
  8. In 2007 Electricity North West purchased the electricity network from United Utilities.
  9. In 2010 Electricity North West became the sole owner-operator for the region’s power network.
  10. A year later, in 2011, Electricity North West began £1.4 billion investment in the power network.
  11. In 2015, Electricity North West was recognised as the most efficient network operator in the UK.


Power cuts

Electricity North West assists customers during power cuts. On their website, customers can find a live list of power cuts in the region. By monitoring the list customers can track the progress of the repair of the power cut and get live updates from engineers. There is also an option to look up a postcode to find our power cut.

The company provides a number of tips aimed to support the customers before, during and after a power cut.

Step by step guide on what to do if a power cut occurs is as follows:

1. Check trip switches.

2. If trip switches are pointing downward, flick them back to an upward position.

3. Check with the neighbours if they are also having troubles with electricity.

4. Report a power cut by calling 105.

Getting connected

Electricity North West offers a range of connection services, including:

  • new supply for 1-4 properties
  • single connection up to 60kVA
  • supply for 5 or more properties
  • single connection up to 300kVA
  • large commercial supply connections over 300kVA

Generation and storage

The company provides a range of generation connections, including energy storage. Some things they offer include:

  • micro-generation and storage connections
  • energy storage at 16 amps or less per phase
  • connections up to 50kW
  • connections at 50kW and above
  • flexible connections

Electric Vehicle charging points and heat pumps

Electricity North West aims to help its customers be more environmentally-friendly. The company fully supports the transition to electric vehicles and promotes low carbon technologies. Hence, the customers can benefit from things like:

  • connecting a single EV charge point
  • connecting multiple EV charge points
  • connecting heat pumps

Electricity North West’s commitment to tackling climate change

The company wants to make it easy for its customers to go net zero. For that reason, it prepared a series of guides explaining what changes it introduces to reduce its carbon emissions. Thanks to the information included in these guides, the company’s customers can find out how to be more energy-efficient. Electricity North West also encourages people to install solar panels or wind turbines and provides guidance on how these things can be installed at customers’ houses or businesses. Moreover, if someone has a river or a different water stream near their property, the company can advise them how they can generate their own power by using the power of flowing water. 

Executive team

Peter Emery – CEO

Peter Emery CEO

Peter became the CEO of Electricity North West in 2016. He is responsible for leading the company’s £1.9 billion investment programme. He has over 3 decades of experience in the energy industry, and he has previously served in senior positions for companies like Esso or Drax Group.

Stephanie Trubshaw – Customer director

Stephanie Trubshaw

Stephanie has been working for Electricity North West for 10 years. She has over 2 decades of experience in the utility industry. She is responsible for providing customers with excellent support through the company’s 24/7/365 contact centre.

Steve Cox – Engineering and Technical director

Steve Cox

For the last 30 years, Steve has been managing teams across the electricity supply industry in various fields including safety, commercial management, and development. He has experience managing and delivering big IT investment projects.

Paul Bircham – Regulation and Communications director

Paul Bircham

Paul has more than 20 years of experience developing new business models within the energy, utilities and infrastructure industries. Paul is responsible for the development of new customer propositions and services.

David Brocksom – Chief Financial Officer

David Brocksom

David is responsible for the financial and strategic management of the Electricity North West. He prepares reports on the company’s financial performance, as well as various business plans.

Mark Williamson – Energy Solutions director

Mark Williamson

Mark is responsible for providing customers with new connections, as well as diverting the cables and overhead power lines. Mark has over 30 years of experience in energy distribution, and he joined Norweb, which existed before Electricity North West, in 1990.

Clive Wilkinson – Operations director south

Clive Wilkinson

Clive is a chartered engineer and he has been working in the energy sector for more than 30 years now. He is responsible for all Electricity North West’s operations across the south of the region the company serves. That includes Manchester, Cheshire, and the Peak area.

Financial data

The company’s revenue in the financial year that ended 31 March 2020 was £478.1 million. That indicated an increase from  £458.3 million in the year that ended 31 March 2019. A year before that, in 2018, the company saw a significant drop in revenue from  £485.5 million in 2017 to only  £430.2 million in 2018.

The company’s net debt for the last 2 financial years was:

 2020 (in £ million)2019 (in £ million)
cash and deposits5623
net debt1,1501,146

Contact information

The company’s main website.

If you have a general query or a complaint, you can use the company’s enquiry form.

If you want to talk to the team, call 0800 195 4141. The lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

If you’re experiencing a power cut and you want to report it, call 105.

Social media:





The company’s main trading address is Borron Street, Stockport, SK1 2JD.


Electricity North West is one of 14 distribution network operators that operate in the UK. It serves around 5 million customers across the North West. It reaches rural regions like Cumbria, as well as urban areas like Manchester. The company’s main activity is the distribution of electricity on behalf of the electricity supply companies. Nevertheless, Electricity North West offers also other services such as installing new connections or moving the existing ones, setting up EV charging points, or advising on the installation of solar panels and wind turbines. The company’s history dates back to 1948 so the customers that get their energy delivered by Electricity North West can be sure that they are served by experts in the field of energy distribution. The company also makes sure that any power cuts are quickly dealt with and power is restored without causing too much disturbance to affected customers. Electricity North West cares about its impact on the environment and it helps customers be more energy-efficient and lower their carbon footprint.