Are your utility bills correct?

Around 4% of all energy bills contain errors, how much are you being overcharged?

Ensuring you are paying the correct amounts on each and every utility bill takes time and resources. Estimated billing and overpayments caused by incorrect tariff charges mean that many organisations are overpaying their utility bills by between 3 and 5% every year. Some of the common causes of overcharging are listed here.

Many energy invoices sent to customers are incorrect and remain unquestioned as they are not scrutinized by administration or finance.

Energy Solutions are able to check energy invoices for the previous 6 years as well as validate on-going bills. We help you reclaim any overspend and ensure that your current and future rates are correct.

The benefits of bill validation

  • Check invoices against contract rates
  • Meter charge validation
  • Analysis of standing charges
  • Recovery of overspend
  • Accurate on-going bills
  • Ongoing validation each month before the invoice due date.

Typical issues found

  • Incorrect rates used on invoices
  • Rates differing to those agreed at the start of the contract period
  • Charges against incorrect meters
  • Incorrect standing charges.

Why choose Energy Solutions?

Our clients across all sectors typically recover at least 5% of their utility bill value, irrespective of their total energy expenditure.

We can work on a No win No fee or fixed fee basis. We will review all of your gas and electricity bills at our own expense. Should we achieve any refunds/credits from the previous 6 years, we agree a percentage of the savings with the client. Alternatively we can undertake the same process but for a fixed charge per MPAN/MPR, regardless of the level of savings achieved.

We use highly trained and experienced validation staff, this means that we understand all charges, utility contracts and meters to ensure an accurate bill each month. This includes DUoS, Triads, DUoS & TUoS losses, BSUoS, AAHEDC, Renewable Obligation, Meter Operations, DC, DA and CCL.

We have the tools to help all sizes of organization, take a look at our case studies. Energy Solutions have the tools and experience to help clients with a single site to 1500 locations.

Step 1 - Engaging Our Services

To begin using our services you simply have to sign our standard Historical Audit Agreement (HAA) that gives us authority to request information about you from your current and past suppliers. This does not give us authority to place you in a contract it merely fulfils Data Protection requirements when requesting information.  This Agreement also confirms how any rebates or credits will be shared.

Step 2 - Information Gathering

There are several stages to this process and we will work closely with you to:

  1. Establish which utility(s) are covered: electricity, water, gas, telecoms or mobiles?
  2. Establish number of sites, including how many sites are half-hourly (HH) and how many are non half-hourly (NHH).
  3. Determining utility supplier (or suppliers), and which utility they supply.

Accessing this information allows us to generate maximum cost savings on each utility bill.

You will then receive a detailed breakdown of the information we have retrieved with an indication of when processing will commence.

Step 3 – Bill Validation

Once we have gathered all the information required, we will thoroughly analyse every details of each site.  Are you paying for sites you no longer own? Are you being billed for meters that you don’t own or that don’t exist?  Are you being billed the correct level of VAT?  Are you being billed on actual usage, or wildly inaccurate estimates? Are you paying the rates you agreed in your contracts.  There are numerous issues that could be costing you money.  We will identify all issues and work with the relevant suppliers to ensure that all errors are corrected and you receive the correct rebates and refunds.

It is as simple as that, a fast and simple way to verify all your utility costs. What do you have to lose?

Contact us now and we will answer any questions you may have.