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Protect yourselves in Cold Weather this Winter

People working in extreme weather environments may experience damage due to cold stress. This is a blanket term for when the body can’t maintain a healthy temperature due to prolonged exposure to temperatures below about 8°C.

To avoid danger, people rely on behavioural thermoregulation. When facing the bitter cold, they seek shelter and clothing that will protect them. People instinctively know they must avoid prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures.

In a cold environment, the body expends great energy to keep warm. Steady core temperature is essential to survival. Therefore, blood flow (and heat) is shifted from the extremities. Fingers, toes, and even limbs are sacrificed to keep the chest and abdomen warm.

Prolonged exposure to severe cold can lead to hypothermia, frostbite, trench foot, and chilblains. 

Alcohol, fatigue and open wounds increase the risk of hypothermia, which occurs when the body loses more heat than it produces. Early symptoms include shivering, slurred speech, lack of coordination, and cold, pale skin. 

Frostbite occurs when the skin and underlying tissue freeze. Symptoms include cold and tingling or stinging followed by numbness. Trench foot and chilblains are more likely under cold and wet conditions.

While each of these conditions are dangerous, they are only the tip of the iceberg. According to a report by Public Health England, exposure to extremely cold weather increased incidents of heart attack, stroke, flu, respiratory disease, falls, and injury. 

In the last 5 years, there have been 168,000 cold-related deaths in the U.K. Wet conditions and high or cold wind exacerbate the risk.

People who work in cold weather include those in the construction, agricultural, security, and commercial fishing industries. At particular risk are those who work without breaks, older people and those with heart-related health issues.

There are several things employers can advise workers to do to protect themselves. First, they can wear at least three layers of clothing. The outer layer acts as a windbreak. It should be durable but ventilated. 

The middle layer insulates and should also absorb sweat. The inner layer should be well-ventilated to allow moisture to escape so skin remains dry. In general, loose clothing is better than tight garments.

Areas that may require extra protection include the top of the head as well as ears, face, hands and feet. In extreme cases, eye protection may be required. Footwear should be waterproof.

For people working outdoors in the cold, shifts should be scheduled for the warmest part of the day. The time workers spend outdoors should be limited.

Additionally, warm liquids provide relief on a cold day, so providing them to workers can be helpful. To avoid too much caffeine, green and herbal teas, decaffeinated coffee or hot broth might be good options.

Finally, it’s important to pay attention to weather reports, wind chill factors and other data and schedule work accordingly. Be aware of the symptoms listed above and pay special attention to those who are older or have heart issues so that you can help keep them safe.

Bio This is a smaller section of a larger guide about working in cold environments, Many will work in cold temperatures this winter and there are many things that employers and employees can do to protect themselves.

Wondering how to work out your gas consumption?

Gas bills can be suprisingly complicated. Is your meter metric or imperial? What does calorific value mean and why does it keep changing?

We’ve made a new page which explains all about the different types of meters, what all those numbers mean and how they’re calculated.

It also includes a simple calculator which will tell you how much gas you’ve actually used and what it should cost you.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Gas Calculator

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Vampire appliances cost Brits an average of £68 per year, making up 6% of their energy bill. We've put together a blog to explain what vampire appliances are and how you can free your home of pesky vampire devices! 🦇⚡
Read our blog here:

Did you know our website has a frequently asked questions section covering a range of topics, from traditional meter queries to questions regarding Smart Meter In-Home Display queries. Check it out at the link below.

At Nabuh energy we’re a family and our home city, Sheffield, is affected by strict Coronavirus restrictions. In these difficult times, we’re doing everything we can to look after all of our colleagues and our customers and to keep everyone safe.

Save more on your energy this winter by having a look at your appliance efficiency! 💡

Look out for the energy draining vampire electrical appliances hiding in your home! Your Tv is a vampire appliance, when you switch your TV off & it's left on standby energy is still being used. 📺💡
Avoid this extra cost by unplugging your TV or turning off the plug at the wall!

Did you know not only can you view your balance on our new app 📱 but you can now also view your history and energy usage ⚡💡

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If you don't have your account number you can request it at:

Have you downloaded the new Nabuh Energy App yet? 📱
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Head over to your app store now and download Nabuh Energy v.2, you can also find the link to the apps at:

Our new Nabuh Energy app has arrived with lots of new, exciting features available.
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Wednesday-Work/Life Week tip!
Prioritise your time, be sure to plot some personal time by having set work hours and sticking to them! This is also really important if you're #WFH as it can be easy to get distracted.

Treat your friend and refer them to Nabuh, you’ll each receive £20.00 free credit when they go live with us.

Whether you're working from home or back to work it can be difficult to juggle life and work!
#WorkLifeWeek is designed to get us all talking about our wellbeing at work and a healthy work-life balance. Look out for our #WorkLifeWeek tips this week!

Today is World Egg Day and we know the question on everyone's mind; how much energy does it take to fry an egg? #WorldEggDay

Today is World Mental Health Day and with the challenges everyone has faced this year it is crucial that you take care of your mental wellbeing. Be sure to check on friends and family and find out how they are doing, a quick call or text message can go a long way.


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Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer prevention.
It's important to us to help spread awareness and get involved, find out more information on how you can get involve here:

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the International Day of Older Persons. We are as committed as ever to providing quality service to the older generation. Take a look how our Priority Services Register can work for you.

Being energy-efficient isn't always complex. It can be as simple as exchanging switching the heating on for making use of the blankets and jumpers you've had tucked away all summer!
Read our top autumn energy saving tips here.

How much time have you spent with your laptop on charge since the beginning of lockdown? And how much energy have you used as a result? To help you keep your energy costs down while #workingfromhome check out this blog.

There's plenty of upsides to Autumn; from Halloween treats to Autumn leaves, and even saving money on your energy despite the cooler weather. Check out our latest blog for our top Autumn energy saving tips.

If you have an Economy 7 meter you probably already know when your off peak hours are, but if you're unsure then don't worry, we have you covered. Check out our blog to find out your off peak hours:

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Nabuh Energy is an Energy company, with a new proposition for its customers.

Nabuh have observed the way the big 6 treats prepay customers and as a result, Nabuh Energy decided to do something different and produced a proposition that makes things more honest, simple and cheap.

Keeping the focus on the latest technology, Nabuh Energy is able to be exceptionally productive at the centre of both prepay and direct debit customers. Our unique energy trading solution means we can always provide our customers with market leading products.

Nabuh Energy can provide exceptional deals on both gas and electricity supplies and our aim is to save customers money 24/7 365 days a year.