Commercial Energy


We save you time and money

Let Energy Solutions take the hassle out of your energy contracts and find the best prices for your electricity, gas and water supplies. Let us scour the energy market to find the right utility contracts for you, deal with any supplier issues, and reduce your energy usage while saving you time, money and trouble.

At Energy Solutions, we offer our clients a complete ongoing procurement service. It is not enough for a broker to price everything on a like for like basis and then disappear until your renewal is due. Businesses deserve much more. Our APOLLO system offers six ways that we help companies save on their utility bills. When used together, we have achieved savings of up to 70% for our clients, as well as substantial refunds in many cases:

Energy Solutions will run detailed data checks on all the sites/meters within your portfolio. This would include meter operator agreements, connection operator agreements, HH and AQ data checks to confirm actual consumption reflects contracted consumption, and so on.

All of these services are available with no direct charges

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