Open consultation: Updating consumer protection in the package travel sector

The 1992 Package Travel Regulations provide protection to consumers who buy package holidays. While these Regulations have effectively protected consumers in the market for many years, the sector has changed significantly since they were introduced. Technical innovation and in particular the growth of the internet and mobile technologies, have opened up new ways of buying and selling holidays.

This consultation sets out our proposals for updating our laws to align with the 2015 Package Travel Directive. The changes we are proposing will extend protection beyond traditional package holidays to give clear protection to UK travellers who book other forms of combined travel.

Open consultation: Laser pointers: call for evidence

The call for evidence covers the misuse of laser pointers, particularly the safety issues involving ‘laser attacks’ on pilots and drivers of lorries and other vehicles following an increase in the number of these attacks. In addition, it looks at concerns about the potential for retinal damage among consumers where high powered laser pointers are shone into the eyes.

The call for evidence considers updating regulations governing the import and trade of laser pointers, as well as potential solutions involving licensing arrangements, restrictions on supply, and the introduction of a specific criminal offence for ‘laser attacks’ on planes or vehicles.

We are seeking responses from a wide variety of stakeholder groups as well as the general public.

Open consultation: Defining intermediate risk prescribed sites: further consultation

This consultation sets out revised criteria for the definition of intermediate risk nuclear sites in the draft Nuclear Installations (Prescribed Sites and Transport) Regulations. Sites which meet these criteria represent a lower risk of causing significant damage in the event of a nuclear incident. Therefore setting a lower level of liability recognises this lower risk and reduces the cost of operators’ mandatory insurance cover in line with this lower risk.

Government is consulting on the revised definition because the earlier consultation on this subject raised a number of points that have now been addressed.

We are seeking views on the revised criteria and if there are any suggestions for improving them.

The impact assessment for these proposals has been revised to show the effect of the change in the definition.

Open consultation: Capacity Market consultation: improving the framework – detailed proposals

We’re seeking views on:

  • Amending the de-rating methodology related to storage Capacity Market Units (CMUs). This is in response to concerns raised by stakeholders that the emergence and growth of battery storage in the capacity market has the potential to pose a risk to security of supply if those batteries are unable to generate for the full duration of stress events. The proposed change would ensure that storage capacity is rewarded appropriately for its contribution to security of supply and reduce the risk of insufficient capacity being secured to meet our reliability standard.
  • How delivery assurance can best be provided for unproven Demand Side Response (DSR) awarded agreements in the 4-year-ahead (T-4) auctions to provide the government with the ability to replace any failing capacity through the 1-year-ahead (T-1) auctions;
  • Providing the possibility to Capacity Providers to re-take a metering assessment;
  • Shifting the planning consent deadline to January to avoid the Christmas period;
  • Strengthening the arrangements relating to Satisfactory Performance Days (SPDs) to improve confidence that Capacity Providers are physically capable of delivering as per their capacity obligations; and
  • Disaggregating some of the generating technology classes to improve transparency, support analysis and allow the potential for more specific application of de-rating factors in future.

Open consultation: Radio Equipment Directive

This consultation is aimed at all stakeholders with an interest in radio equipment and associated industry. It seeks views on the draft UK regulations for implementing the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU, extending to their enforcement and the impact assessment. The aim is to ensure that products placed on the market or put into service in the UK are safe and do not interfere with the radio spectrum, without fundamentally changing the existing enforcement arrangements.

It is important to note that this is not a consultation on the contents of the Directive, the subject of a previous consultation.

Open consultation: Proposed acquisition of Sepura plc by Hytera Communications Corporation Ltd: draft undertakings

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Greg Clark, today (8 May 2017) announced that he is proposing to accept statutory undertakings set out by the parties involved in the proposed acquisition of Sepura plc by Hytera Communications Corporation Limited.

The undertakings from the parties are published in draft for consultation, and are intended to provide assurance that sensitive information and technology is protected and ensure the continued supply of a repair service for secure communications devices used by the emergency services.

The Secretary of State is also publishing the Competition and Market Authority’s report.

See the related public interest notice.

Open consultation: Trade Union Act 2016: consultation on the Certification Officer’s enforcement powers

This consultation seeks your views on the government’s proposals for the implementation of Section 19 of the Trade Union Act. This gives the Certification Officer the power to impose financial penalties on unions and employer associations for non-compliance with statutory requirements.

We are consulting on the detail of how the proposed financial penalties regime will operate. Specifically, we are seeking views on whether:

  • the proposed approach to set the level of financial penalty by type of obligation breached is appropriate
  • the maximum levels by type of obligation breached are appropriate
  • the proposal to reduce the penalty maxima by 50% for unions and employer associations whose membership size is less than 100,000 is appropriate

We welcome views from trade unions, employer associations and other interested organisations and individuals.

Open consultation: Property ownership and public contracting by overseas companies and legal entities: beneficial ownership register

This call for evidence sets out proposals for a new beneficial ownership register of overseas companies that own UK property or participate in UK government procurement. It seeks views on the design of the policy and evidence on the possible effects of the policy.

This call for evidence will be of interest to:

  • overseas legal entities which own UK property or are considering buying UK property
  • overseas legal entities which are considering participating in UK central government procurement
  • professional advisers and service providers for overseas legal entities
  • estate agents
  • conveyancing solicitors
  • civil society and transparency campaigners