Open consultation: Contracts for Difference (CfD): proposed amendments to the scheme

We’re seeking views on proposed amendments the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme, which provides support for new low carbon electricity generation projects, to enable it to continue to support new generation and provide best value for bill payers in coming years.

Government aims to support the development of onshore wind projects on remote islands, where they benefit local communities. This consultation sets out a proposed definition of remote islands wind, as a new technology that can compete in future auctions for ‘less established’ technologies. An impact assessment is published regarding this proposal.

The responses to the Call for Evidence on fuelled technologies in the CfD scheme, published in November 2016, have informed the development of a number of policy changes relating to fuelled technologies. This consultation proposes:

  • refinements in relation to Advanced Conversion Technologies, to ensure that only more innovative and efficient plants are awarded subsidy
  • changes to the overall efficiency requirements for Combined Heat and Power, to ensure that CfD supported plants are of a suitably high overall efficiency. An impact assessment is being published regarding this proposal
  • updated greenhouse gas emissions criteria that new projects using solid and gaseous biomass as feedstock will have to comply with.

The consultation also makes new proposals to facilitate more accurate forecasting of budget spend, and invites views on various other potential changes to the detailed terms of new CfD contracts.

Promotional material: UK Industrial Strategy: a leading destination to invest and grow

The UK’s Industrial Strategy sets out how we will invest in the skills, industries and infrastructure of the future and support our citizens and businesses to embrace and benefit from the opportunities of technological change.

Building on our strengths, the strategy ensures we remain one of the world’s most open economies by:

  • welcoming investment from overseas
  • participating in global supply chains
  • buying and selling goods and services from all over the world
  • continuing our active participation in the international community

Transparency data: BEIS: ministerial gifts, hospitality, travel and meetings, July to September 2017

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) publishes details of ministers’ meetings with external organisations, gifts (given and received), hospitality and overseas travel on a quarterly basis.

This data is also available on