Commercial Energy Procurement

Over recent years with continuous changes to the Green taxes and policies, buying gas and electricity for large consumers has become increasingly complex. Purchasing options which were only available to major users are now available to more of the market. Wholesale energy prices peaked in 2008 and have fallen significantly since then, however rising taxes and distribution costs means that the retail price is now higher than ever. Persistent price volatility means that businesses or organisations reliance on traditional energy procurement methods should be reviewed.

Most gas and electricity procurement is still undertaken through the traditional annual or biannual tender route, with the majority taking place in October and April, but this is not without its own significant price risks. If you end up going to market when prices are highest, your business could find itself paying 30-40% more than a competitor that arranges it’s tender at a different time. As the cost of energy usually represents one of the most significant areas of controllable expenditure, the case for re-examining purchasing methods is clear.

More flexible buying strategies are now available and those businesses that have adopted an innovative approach have seen significant cost advantages compared to those who continue to rely on annual fixed price contracts, negotiating only in the month or two before the renewal is actually due.

For those involved in procuring energy, this website is designed to help you make informed decisions to ensure the delivery of excellence in the highly volatile and complex gas and electricity markets.

Our Experience

Energy Solutions has been involved in the UK energy market since 1997, when the SME market was deregulated. Back then saving money was easy, the changes when the market was opened up, meant that savings of 30-40% were common, even though there were less suppliers than now. We were based in Cambridge and worked with businesses up and down the country. Then as now, changing suppliers was a fast and easy process, and there will be no interruption to your supply. The only difference will be the name of the supplier and the price you pay.

The markets are more stable now, but we still find plenty of cases where sites are being wrongly billed, meters and tariffs have been set up wrongly and so on. There are cases where we can save clients 40 to 50% of their spend, although this isn't always the case. We have the experience of achieving substantial savings for our clients that we may be able to apply to your business. A fresh pair of eyes can find results in areas you may never have considered. The benefits of applying new ideas and approaches to your business should never be under-estimated.

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