Commercial Energy Procurement

We could save your company tens of thousands of pounds on energy.

Did you know that your annual fixed contracts could be costing you money? Let Energy Solutions scour the energy market to find flexible utility deals which save you £10,000s or even £100,000s.

Why the traditional fixed price contract route could be losing your company money:

Wholesale energy prices are EXTREMELY volatile. Renew your contract when prices are low, and you will be paying that low price for the rest of your contract. However, if you renew when wholesale prices are high, then you could be locked into paying that far higher rate for a whole year or more. With 220 trading days per year, without the right advice and guidance, you have a less than 0.5% change of signing a fixed price contract on the right day.

Renewing your energy deal at the wrong time could mean that you’re paying 30-40% MORE than a competitor who arranged their tender at a different time.

The modern method of energy procurement which could save you time and money:

With green taxes, new government and EU policies and a range of different tariffs, commercial energy is now more complicated than ever. More flexible buying strategies are now available and those businesses that have adopted an innovative approach have seen significant cost advantages compared to those who continue to rely on annual fixed price contracts, negotiating only in the month or two before the renewal is actually due. Working with Energy Solutions means that you can take advantage of more flexible buying strategies which get rid of old fixed-price contracts and allow your company to save money all year round.

How Energy Solutions can help you for free:

Energy Solutions can scrutinise your existing energy contract to find better deals, cheaper suppliers and more flexible buying strategies whilst making sure that your energy is correctly billed with the right tariffs and metering (we find many cases where companies are wrongly billed and overcharged).

This is how we help medium to large enterprises save tens or hundreds of thousands. As we take our fee from the supplier, using us to reduce your commercial energy bills can be 100% free of charge.

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